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August 30, 2007
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Headline News of August 30, 2007
Cho Seung-hui
Virginia Tech officials might have saved lives if they had acted sooner after the first shootings, a report says.

Kenya's Anglican Church consecrates two American bishops, after a row over homosexuality.
Dozens of suspected Mafia members are held in Italy as police investigate the killings of six Italians in Germany.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of August 30, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  


>> A report into the murder of 32 students at the Virginia Tech University in the United States back in April says that if the campus authorities had reacted more quickly. The report also says the gunman had shown the sign of mental instability, but the university staff failed to take action.

>> It was a murder spree that shocked the world and made a nation grieve. On April 16, 32 people were killed by a known gunman at Virginia tech university. The massacre was followed by many questions. Will a report into the shootings lessen the pain? The first shooting took place at 7:15 a.m.  Two people were ho were fired. More young men and women were murdered. It was only then the college authorities notified the campus. More than two hours after an eight-member panel has exam minuted whether swifter action by officials at Virginia tech its findings are clear. The protocol for sending an emergency message on April 16th was cumbersome, untimely and problematic when a decision was needed as soon as possible. 23-year-old Seung Hui Cho carried out the shootings. The Virginia tech student was mentally unstable but known topo exhibit seriously deviant behaviour that went unchecked and the faculty. 46D6BFD8.JPG

to K.Wnership in America. Perhaps opponents on both sides of the argument do something.

>> A cholera outbreak has infected some 4,000 suspected cases. We'll ge mpondent rich hard gap ba is endemic in iraq, but obviously this is of concern. I've just been speaking to a united nationsre

i he is saying that both the central government and titizing it. They've sent significant amounts of medicine to the area and also there is a substantial emergency relief operation under way, and obviously they're hopingst on the I wantbo iraq's foreign ministeR. He's been talking about this report that we're all waitingcat's his view?

>> Well, iknow'r andan expectations about this report, and that came through very clearly today from the iraqi foreign minister, saying there are n. But what he was talking about, saying that there h political progress. We have this so-called agreement betweeneadaow a much more consensus. They are making progress, and saying that it's now up theni think overall it's trying the dampen down expectations because they know that they're

well, another development in iraq as the government has welcomed the announcement by the radical shiafrfreezi activities o six months. A U.S. Military spokesman said commanders would be watching the mehdi army closely to ensure its commitments U.N. African union force for darfur expires today. An additional 19,000 peacekeepers are being sghdy on t a horses have tested positive ofored at the track in sydney are expect to contract it, as welL. The race is on toheof the cou some o australia's finest

some di news that horset ai

>> Every horse that was tested so far has come back positive, even off a second tesT. So you've

700 thoroughbreds are stabled there. Despite all the precautions, placed now in jeopardy, the spring racing carnivaL. Theors new south lebourne'soriaup the becauaa E.E. He was in south africa when a similar equine flu broke out therE. David, thanks for joining us. Can i ask first of all for the latest? Do you hold out any that from that report? 46D6C0E8.JPG

>> No, not at all. I'm stabled up next to the fellow who has the eightk ranwick.

>> That's a depressing signal to be putting out. Realistic nonetheless. What damage isgo t spring carnival is cancelled, so we all had horses set to participate and the melbourne carnival is off, so it's quite a depressing situation at the moment.

>> It's going to spread on anderthis is not a one-week, two-week wo s africa is it's rampant.It started offtennia 100% infecteD. Now ineady theree back positive. I think it's on the rampage now.

>> Can i ask you, sir, one question about the horses, what effect does equine flunfortunately in austral they're not i they've never had it. Er3. It's similar to the fluoms 46D6C136.JPG

they get high temperatures, coughs, listless and depressed. But that depends.

>> Fairly unpleasanT. Atiol it raceinG. What about the whole region, the asian region?

>> I think the japanese hnknate for melbourne because it's just going to be the melbourne horses racing. F british horses because they're immuad the>>Avg us from ranwick racecourse. A gloomy picture as to the likely effect of the equ fairly misb regarding alitalia, haven't you?

>> Yes, an airline this time. Having failed to find a thital to keep it thabout $2 billion and will meet later today to approve a plan toS.Go sell a ntak in the airline failed in july after bidders pulled out one byms onerous. The airline muses close to $2.7 million a day. Post for personal reasons. Along with the central bank, he expected to be governor government the 3%ta lonck market boom in hisur his four y ippmy colleague with was in singapore and learned about the background ofttient is seea . But according to media reports from hong kong, there are other stories milling about the rumour sacked after being implicated in a corruption investiti a ye replacing mr. James as the new finance minister. 46D6C1CC.JPG

>> A reshuffle in china.

>> Seems that way.Or help for nearly 200,000 people made homeless by theev

shelter for most of the victims. Aid ageie say tens of thre 500 peoplE. Our correspondent if lima, dan collyns, has this.

>> As had been flownthking aid to some of the thousands who have yet to receive in. Leading aid agencies working in the aftermath of this aight and many ofutlyg o foo. Thousands of people, especially children, are also showing signs u main... they're nyny tav with water, as well. They haven't seen receivedyre requesting medal icesndce

>> Peru's civil defence agency now estimates some 200,000 people are homel ain'sun 46D6C233.JPG

40,000. The united nations has asked the international community for a furt d tons of aid have already beengouild the destroyed cities and towns and has placed a successful businessman in town. Whhees will be t of tenfom earthquake are still not being met.N bbc is out there looking for the millions of people missing around

>> Thousands of greeks have protested over the political response to forest fires thatef ndomelesS.E t the g saidte dth tpr are theirs the dead are ours. With t gel the mostwhnment has am terrorist, saying the country faces a significant threat, the mainio areE.

>> Theres threat. Barn, aboib ng is that this is truly nonsensE. 46D6C29C.JPG

>> Meanwhile, firefighters say they're slowly winning the battle. As winds and temperatures have fallen, they've managed to bring most of the fires underon evia where seven people have been killed, the authorities say they've contained all the fire with the help of water-dropping aircraft. Ciberately starting fires, although in previous cases there have been very few convictions. The government says it's focus now is to relieve the pan and stress of those affected by the bl.Avet up a special fund. We have decided to apply completely unbureaucrattic measures to help them, to restart, to reignite their lives.

>> It doesn't have long to prove that it's doing sot der boot a report into the virginia tech shootings finds that authorities didn't respond quickly enough.

* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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