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August 16, 2007
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Headline News of August 16, 2007
North Koreans repair road in flood-hit South Pyongan province (Photo from Xinhua news agency)
At least 220 people have been killed and 82 are still missing after severe floods in North Korea, the Red Cross says.

China says it will send delegations to the US to discuss safety concerns, after a spate of product recalls.
Leaders of China, Russia and Central Asia states agree on greater co-operation on energy and security.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of August 16, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  

>>> Increasing numbers of Russians describe themselves as Orthodox Christians. The church has a higher public profile than at any time since the collapse of communism. That has troubled academics who fear the church's influence is growing too strong. James Roberts reports. 46C4FE97.JPG

>> The Russian Orthodox church has moved out of the shadows. Once its every step was watched by the Soviet secret police. Now it in every day life. These believers are crossing the country in celebration of the revival of their faith.

>> We want Russia to return to her rightful place, to become an Orthodox country again. This will make Russia the magnificent, powerful state it was before.

>> This church stands on the site where communist revolutionaries shot Russia's last emperor. Nicholas the second is revered as a saint. This concert was to mark the anniversary of the Czar's death. When you are at ceremonies like this, it feels like something which has always been a parts of Russian life, but of course this is actually a revival of traditions severely suppressed for most of the last century. As that revival continues, the profile of the church in Russian society is becoming more and more visible. That doesn't please everyone. Secularists fear the church is too involved in the affairs of the state. 46C4FEE7.JPG

>> Politically, the church is playing a very important role. It has become the idea logical corner stone of the regime, but sadly our government forgets their own constitution which says the church is separated from the state.

>> All over Russia places of worship are being restored. The Orthodox's church strength as a social and political force is also taking shape. James Roger is, bbc news.

>> Stay with bbc world. Still to come in this programme.

Viva las Vegas

>> Long live elvis, 30 years after his death, his fans still saying he is the king.

>>> A huge fire has torn through the northern suburbs of athens, the flames fanned by gale force winds, and cast a s mucpital.

>> It was a towering inferno. The fire spread down the velocity that those in its way had to run for their liveS. Gale force winds inflicted double jeopardy, fueli flames and grounding the water aircrafT. No where seemed safe as embers warmed by the wind.Desperation, people grabbed whatever they could to fight one of the more dramatic fires of the summer in which huge areas of forest tri across been destroyed. Four fires began almost simultaneously raising suspicion of arsoN. 46C4FF59.JPG

>> This fire is another serious blow to the health of the creek capital, because the dewoodland mns en overcrowded city.

>> Every year they are trying to burn everything because they want to build and build and build.

>> These fires have become a major political issuE. The government, which today called a snap general election has been criticized for its handling of the crisis, bombing aircraft it belatedly brought in as reinforcements helped to bring the flames under control.

>>> Campaigners are saying holiday makers are pushing somes endangered species on the brink of extinction. The wwf wantst careful.

>>> Yea since f rockin' roll left this r the anniversary is being md by scos elvis imper son 46C4FFA8.JPG

--mperson perim impersonate ares.

T have ulven though thousands have.

>> They have cone memphis hoping to a name for themselvess , even though most agree he is an impossible act to follow.

>> There is only one elviS. One elviS. They can put all of them together and we wouldn't make that much in elvis's pinky.

>> Last night at gracelands, up to 70,000 fans joined a candle lit vigil, taking turns to file past his grave. Many were still queueing as the sun came up.

>> We have been here for 13 hours waiting to get t come up and go by -- do the candlelight vigil.

>> 13 hours 46C4FFEF.JPG

>> 13 hours and it is well worth it.

>> He is one of ten finalists in the official elvis look alike contest. He makes his living impersone impersonating the king and victory here would change his life.

>> It doesn't bear thinking about because it would be amazing, it really would, if that happened, it would be amazing, and i am sure that decent job opptundes wrobably go up sltas well.Hree decades since his death, yld be forgiven for thinking that the king has never left the building. A court in miami hasd an american citizen, jose psr charges of he and two codefendants were found guilty consra to murder kidnap and maim people overseas overseas. The defense team says he will appeal against the verdict which is likely to bring a life sentence. 46C50037.JPG

>>> This is bbc world news.

>>> I'm mike embley in london. Thanks for being with us. Many <





* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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