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July 26, 2007
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Headline News of July 26, 2007
Afghanistan map
The Taleban have killed one of 23 South Korean hostages being held in Afghanistan, government officials say.

British parliamentarians say the government should quadruple aid for Burmese refugees in the next six years.
Forty-nine Kazakh doctors resign in protest at what they see as unfair pressure on them as HIV infections rise.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of July 26, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  

>> Officials in Afghanistan say one of the South Korean hostages being held by the Taleban has been shot dead. The interior ministry police had found the body in the central province. Gazne. 46A7F678.JPG

>> A group of twenty-three Korean Christians, most of them female charity workers, were kidnapped six days ago. Charles Haviland gives us the latest update. I think we have moment to treat this report as a possible release of the hostages with great uncertainty. It comes from the associated press quoting an unnamed western official in Kabul. Bbc has within the last 20 minutes spoken to the district governor of the district where these hostages are being held.  he has not been able to confirm such eventually. Eight have been released the police say that they have discovered the body of a male South Korean hostage. The body had 10 bullet wounds in the thigh, chest and chest and head.  still extremely murky, and lots of conflicting reports have been coming through in the past several hours about whether he was killed because the government wasn't listening to the Taleban demands, perhaps whether in fact he died of an illness or something in between that he couldn't walk so he was shot simply because he couldn't walk we don't know.

>> Charles haviland speaking to us earlier from Kabul.

>> Stay with us still to come in this programmE. Forest fires on the mainland. Europe extremes are causing chaos.


>> Last year he swam the river thames it's the north poan to swim in subzero temperatures at the top of the worlD.

>> It was an incredible feeling to get off the boat and walk out to the ice and take off my clothes and in a spaeeedo looking into this deep dark wateR. And that's plungeing myself in. So I ran towards the ein, and immediate feeling with i just couldn't breathe, and it was frighteninG. It really really frighteninG.

>> Have you ever experience anything close to that before.

>> No human ever swam in water minus two before. This is the first time. The closest was 0 degreeS. It doesn't sound like a big fference.Us just pare 46A7F70A.JPG

vcu tthe and towardsth myks so srious trying he swim.

>> Yes certY. Erc hs bear ttect i g la fear spr>> You dids this was all b li c do succeeded


s beb swimming in the north pole.I this willhowny what is happethic.

Carbon emioreroblem. Y

>> Thank you.


>> He's worried because parts of mainland europe is unrelentinG. It's been unusually h mperatures. In greece and serb yeah the mercury hit 40 degrees celsius. So far hundreds of people have thought to have been killed by weather. As jans francis kelly reportS.

>> Then2007.

Eastern europe forest fires have swept across hectares of land. Rising temperatures aree

>> In her fast moving bush fires to in and areas stretching to the hill of rome to thel fee fi coasT.

>> Also in the south of france hundreds of firefighters worked s woodlandS.

>> The authorities in hungary ahave been handing out waters rise.

>> Romania has been experience are swelteee have been collapsing in the streetS.

Having to cope with the influx of patients.

>> Children are taking advantage of any wat thefind.

>> In rome tourists and locals make full use of the city's beautiful fountainS.

>> The greeks are coping with their second heatwave with temperatures well t 40s. Old-fashioned fans are keeping people cool.

>> Areian scos vo montenegro, and macedoniA.

>> In turkey people are swimming in to try to cool down. Temperatures are so hot officials in major cities have declared two days leave for pregnant women and the elderlY.

>> But europe bake russia and england are experience being flooding. In the russia fartasursting due torain.>>

Villages have been cut off and 400 people have been cut off. In britain hundreds of homes in the south of england hcity of oxford.

>> About 350,000 in gloucester are without water and are dependent on bottles wateR.

>> Incredible contrast across europE. A quick reminder of our top story. It was a bittersweet moment. One minute futbol fans in baghdad were sell baiting and next they were being targeted by bombers. Iraqi police say at least 50 were killed and more than 130 injured in two separate

>> This is bbc news thanks for joining us. I'm lucy hawkins in washington. And I'm jonathan charles in london. Keep up-to-date on bbcnews.CoM. <

* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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