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July 2, 2007
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Headline News of July 2, 2007
Kim Seung-youn leaves a police station after questioning on 30 April 2007
One of South Korea's richest men is jailed for 18 months for attacking staff in a karaoke bar who scuffled with his son.

Japan's PM Shinzo Abe rebukes a minister over WWII atom bomb comments, as his poll ratings drop further.
Early results in East Timor's election shows a slight lead for the ruling Fretilin party as EU monitors hail the vote.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of July 2, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  

First let's look at some other news today. One of South Korea's richest businessmen has been sentenced to a year and a half in prison for abducting and assaulting workers at a karaoke bar.  Kim Seung-youn was convicted of attacking the men with the aid of his bodyguards. They had take part in a scuffle with his twenty-year old son. So the businessman admitted that he was responsible for much of the violence but said his body bodyguards were taken over and got tied. Timor is holding a parliamentary election. Figures released sho ahead after 5% of the ballots have been counted. Mr. Than 50 african presidents meeting in ghana will debate the idea of the united states of colonel muammar gaddafi wants action on such an alliance. The u.S. Has reiterated accusations over alleged iranian lijs to the arming and training 4688E9EE.JPGof iraqi militants. A spokesman in baghdad told reporters a man had been n iraq workingor iranian organisation linked to iran's revolutionary god. The cuts force train approximately 20 to 06 iraqis at a time, sending them back to iraq, organised into these special groups. They're being taught how to useF.P.S, mortars, rockets, as well as intelligence, sniper and kidnapping operati training, the force also supplies the special groups with weapons and funding of 750,000 to 3 million u.S. Dollars a month. Without this support, tecro pressed to conduct their operations in iraq.

>> Our baghdad correspondent andrew north explains what is significant abth allegations.

>> They've made many allegations in the past which the iranians have repeatedly denieD. We also heard more allegations of hezah captured is believed to be a senior hezbollah operative. And what in effect they're saying is that the americans believe hezbollah has acted askiiaison bet iran and these so-called special secret cells operating here in iraq. Now, they're believed to be linked to the mehdi army but operating outside its control. In other words, they are not following iranian directionS.O ss here.

>> Our intelligence reveals that senior leadership in iran is aware of this activity. We also understand t lcerns to the iranian government in recent months about the activity that we have learned more about.Ow,ehat he believed that moqtada al-sadr, the leader of the sadrist movement is unhappy about thiS. He has tried to stop these secret cells operating, but in effect they are now beyond his control.

>> Andrew north. Pakistan's government said it would welcome international asst fno but several hundred people have been reported dead around pakistan after a week of cyesonsonce of balochistan has been hardest hiT. Nearly 2 million people have been affected and hundreds of thousands are homeless. The people have been without drinking water and electricity for days. Floods and storms have affected other parts of south asiA. More than 200 villages in india have been completely flooded. More than 100,000 people have been forced f across south, southwestern and western india. Floods have also affected america. 12 counties in kansas are under a state of emergency. The national guard has been brought it out to help evacuate the area. The charge -- trial has opened in istanbuL. Hundreds of people have been demanding justice. Mr. Dink was shot deaD. His murder triggered anger and 4688EAD7.JPGshock in turkey. A teenager is accused of carrying out the shootinG. Joining us on the line from istanbul is sara rainsford. It remains controversial to this day, the shooting of the journalist.

>> A crowd gathered a short distance from the courtroom this morning as the suspects were t undred, possibly 1000 people here to call for justice for hrant dinK. A group of members of the ethnic armenian community escorted them into court. Dozens of police vehicles, bus full of riot police because it is an extremely controversial trial. It's believed that hrant dink was killed because of comments he made about the mass killing of ar meanians -- armenians in 1915, an extremely sensitive subject here because turkeyuss guilty of genocidE. 4688EB13.JPG

>> 18 people are on trial. Are they believed to be part of a network, any particular group?

>> They are. They're believed to be part of an ultra nationalist group. They're all fairly, used shooting hrant dink was only 17 years old at the time. Most of the suspects come from the black sea. It's believed they're p this trawlnaere's also cla ay to the tyhat c d cas wormer, and i think one important fact about this case is the family and lawyers for the family have said that it's not -- the net has not been

bhe on trial, they want an investigation to be... to go much further and to look into the possiblemembers of the securityt killer after he was caught, posing in front of the turkish flag and looking like they had a lot of support for the alleged killeR.

>> Sarah rainsford, thank you. The private equity machine rollstanya beckett is hertel uhat and othrories.

>> Yes, thankfullY.Rgined, looks pri billion. The pay tv group has been making losses for nearly two years. Customers have been leaving since the billionaire richard branson is the group's largest investor, holding just over one-tenth of thannch present are meeting in manila to mark the tenth anniversary of the crisis tdown in 1997. The crisis spread rapidly from thailand to indonesia, and the philippines. Have amasd huge foreign reserved. Worries about assets in china are overin-flighted havers i a new rail promises to make cross-border train rides easier than ever before.L a western europe which already offerin network by the eurostar. Its commercial director explains lly in response to customer demand because this year by the end of the year there will be 5,000 kilometres of high-speed line running around europe. So we're opening in november from sT. Pancreas iksmany, and later in the year there will be high-speed lines between holland and belgium, belgium and germany. For the first time ever you have an itd wo ofhigh-specr th across this network can offer this as a seamless network to customers. 4688EBD7.JPG

>> Nick mercier programme, live to new scotland yard for thel washington insists there is no need the raise its terror threat level following the 4th of july approaching, controls at all major airports are increasing.

>> Pic airport in new york. A reminder that the united states is still ar attacks, and according to president bush, the recent bomb plots in britain are a cterror needso continue.

>> Thissts goes on. Yoneppreciateth but his government does not want to cause panic in the wake of the latest U.K. Terror alerts.

>> Our threat level for aviation is already at orange, and for the rest of the country it's at yellow. Tss to britain to ramp up un-flight security on board planes bound for north america. And at airports such as los angeles, patro to behe guys in the green berets and stuff like that walking around with m-60s and what not. That makes he feel secure. I kind of like thaT. 4688EC44.JPG

>> America is now approaching the busy 4th of jural

-- july holiday seasoN. Check-in staff e ve individual lent. Travelers are bracing for longer utight securitY. Robin forest, bbc newS.

>> Tens of thousands of mexicans aklen elections last year. This is bbc world. This is the main news this hour:Ish licar bomb suspect before saturday's attack. The u.S. Military has accusednce in iraQ. Let's go back to our top story now, the investigation into three failed bomb attacks in britain. Andy thigh joins us from scnd andy, new information from scottish police theyone glasgow bombing before they set out for the airport. 4688EC8A.JPG

>> That's right. It's emerging that the police could have beenut bombers insofar as what we're understanding is that they made a telephone call to a letting agency trying to locate

driving thatg four x four to make that connection was because of material they recovered,in the very early hours of friday morning, which fortunately did not go off. It does look as thoughhiigation. As you're saying, the police were on the trail of the two responsible or at least one of the two responsible for the glasgow events just minutes bet s known now about the five people arrested so far, those suspects?

>> Well, one of the men the bbcands staffordshire, man in his mid-20s married, both he and his wife have been taken into custody and will be questioned. They, as well as the others who have been detained, arel eastern origin. The suggestion is that perhaps there is an iranian connection, perhaps a lebanese connection. We don't know for certain at this stage, but it doeu arrested by british police are from the middle east broadly speaking. 4688ECEB.JPG

>> Andy thieg, thank you for the update. President bush and his russian counterpart are holding antihside report in the town of kennebunkport in the state of maine. The two leaders hope to use this time to discuss some of the issues which have strainedgtdethe most prominent issue on the agenda are u.S. Plans to install a missile defence shield in eastern europe close to russia's border. Washington says the shield is to protect against a possible missile attack but states like iran. Offered an alternative location at a russian military base in azerbaijan. Richard galpin has gained unprecedented access to the base to assess whether the plan could work.

>> Nesting in the hills of northern azerbaijan, this hugerution. To monocean and middle east, including iran, america's latest enemy. Never before have western journalists been allowed inside this topsians, to convince us that this is better than putting high techin eastern europe. They wouldn't show us much, but this is apparently the exad centre for a -- command centre for a radar penetrating 6,000hery. The radar transmission area also looks like a set from a very old james bond filM. But the russian military says it does the job.His s works for the russian missile defence system. What the americans want i don't know, but if there is er radar. 4688ED68.JPG

>> For the military, this option would assure russia's national security. The russians want this will have joint control, but also unlike anything which might be built in the czech republic, this cannot be used against russia. It can only look south. It was last month's g8 summit that president putin surprised the worl bas the missile defence shield instead of eastern europe. But even russian military experts admit the radar station not work.

>> It's an early warning radar. It's not designed to guide interceptors. It's in the wrong place and it's the wrong kind of radar. And actually it does not fullyve so it's likely this base will be rejected by the americans. Casern arms race and that its missiles will be retargetted on europe. Azerbaijan.

>> Stay with us here on bbc world. Still om all aboard on board the railway keeping kids on track. Once upon a time a child who wanted to thank their teacher brought in an apple and a nicutives moved in, now as the school year comes to a close here in britain and indeed many countries around the world, shops are selling an assortment of expensive guides -- cards and gifts desciend for the perfect teacher's petting but not everyone is happy.

>> It used to be so simple, a

aap not anymore. Shopshave started doing a wholeng at>> I think it's a bit of commercialization from the card companies trying to another $3.95 or another ?, whatever the card costs.

>> Veryadyish, it's a bit grannyish? 4688EDF8.JPG

>> Do you think they're cashing in?

>> I guess. So I guess people are looking for something. T want to get hand cream, no. I'd rather have a bottle of wine or some flowers.

>> What did you give?

>> An or something, but it wasn't monetary stuff.

>> It's all changed.

>> It's excessive.

>> I think it's a nice gift at the enbe a

>> Let's see, nO.

>> So is it an end to the homemade card, or are teact persistent may be happening in more countries than just britain. Graham thatch l reporting. The spl U.S. State of nebraska on its run trip to the kennedy space centre in florida. The shuttle is being carried on bo. Some breaking news now. We're getting reports that the son of the chadian president has the reports say that he was killed in the car park of his apartment building in paris. We'll bring you more on that story as soon as we have iT. Now for a tale ofl-life railway children. A railway line in hungary has been unique educational experience for the s and run by children under the age of 15, and as jim fish reports, no sign yet t is 4688EE63.JPG

>> Through the hills, above the hungarian capital, a childhood dream chugs slowly into vieW. It's called the children's train because ten to 14 year olds do most of the work, from the trains to selling the tickets. Even the announcements are made by a junior station master. The only adult jua movement.Of biggest toy train which children actually get to run.

>> The children's train is a survivor from the communistenthenstill a work ethic at an early age. To the nuts and bolts of railway work, they n up in a very different world, but the reason they're here is the same, to have fun, learno charge.

>> I learned allsafe a safety mechanism, and how the sell tickets. I really liked iT.

>> Sophie's whole family are veterans of the children's linE. Her parents met here as young pioneers.

>> ( Translated ): I was 14 when we started going out. And he proposed when i was 21. All three of our children have become junior rail workers.

>> On board, the railway children and their parents can share the excitement and the sense of adventure or simply admire the vieW. 60 years after its what's first strong. Full steam ahead for the futurE. Jim fish, bbc news.

>> Just to remind you btting reports of the sun of the chadian president has been killed in paris. Details at he was killed in the car parK. <

* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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