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July 13, 2007
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Headline News of July 13, 2007
File image of North Korean soldier in Panmunjom
North Korea's military calls for direct talks with the US, as UN nuclear inspectors head to Pyongyang.

Support for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe falls to its lowest level yet, a new poll shows.
China's military increases food safety supervision due to fears that poor products could harm combat capacity.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of July 13, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  


>> In the name of peace and security on the Korean peninsula, the North Korean military have called for direct talks with the American army. The calls comes as international team of inspectors traveled to the region. They're due to arrive in Pyongyang on Saturday to start the task of verifying the closure of its nuclear reactor. Here's our correspondent Jonah Fisher.

>> Next stop Pyongyang.  The United Nations nuclear experts arrive in the Chinese capital Beijing. It's nearly fiver years since North Korea or the D.P.R.K. allowed inspectors in.

>> Today we are a group of professionals going to perform and ismment that with the type of help we've had from D.P.R.K. In the ats few weeks, we think we'll do our job.  Excess baggage was not a concern. Over 1,000 kilos of equipment was checked. In it's expected on the used during the planned shutdown of North Korea's nuclear reactor.  This is the final destination, Yongbyon. Its reactor has formed a crucial part of Pyongyang's atomic programme which culminated in a nuclear test in October last year.  After four months.  Yongbyon is expected to begin decommissioning next week and economic assistance if the form of oil is already on its way. 50,000 tons have been promised once the reactor closes with 20 times more if North Korea shut down all its nuclear facilities. 46977849.JPG

>> I think what is clear is we won't have a peace instrument until there is denuclearization. Now, we don't want to wait for complete denuclearization in order to start that process, so we'll probably start it, siewmg we're making progress, we'd like to state by the end of this year.

>> Inspector visit comes as the The North Korean army called for trawx with their American counterparts, a statement through an official news -- news agency, in order for implementation, Pyongyang's security concerns have to be addressed.  Jonah Fisher, BBC News.  do the iaea, has just announced it's reach an agreement with iran about remaining issues related to the country's past plutonium experiments. We'll go to Vienna where. Bethany bell is there. Can you explain the significance of what it seems they've agreed upon? 46977888.JPG

>> The iaea says it's agreed a series of measures with iranic outstanding questions about its nuclear programme. Now, the iaea has been investigating iran's nuclear programme sincesmtly trying to develop nuclear weapons. Over the past few years, it's frequently accused iran of failing to cooperatell ions from the u.N. Security council over the nuclear issue. Now, if iran holds to this agreement, this could be a significant step inar

>> If we can clear this up then, we're in the talking about whether or not iran would continue enriching uranium e moment they're talking about safeguards, but there were sort of two issues here. Iran is enriching uranium hiar weapons, but at the same time, the otherhunha about is what rob was doing in the past, was it experimenting with plutonium. And also these matters now are things that the iaea says it has now reached agreement at trying to clear up. 469778DB.JPG

>> Bethny thanks very much indeed. Lots of nuclear development going on in the world today. We're bringing it to you here on bbc world. Let me bring you other storie, as welaui killed three police officers in Northwest pakistan. There was to immediate claim of responsibility, but it does come after taliban and al qaeda ctovehe army raid on islamabad's red mosquE. Officials say the bomber detonated his vehicle after police had stopped him at a roadblock and asked him to get ouT. Lebanese troops have fought pitched battles with militants at a palestinian refugee camp or what's left of it you might say if the North of the country. It comes a day after the army intensified its attacks on the fatah al-islam militants at nahr al-bared. Something like 214 people have been kill in the last eight weeks of fighting there. It's the worst internal violence since the civil war which ended back in 1990. Police have fired tear gas to break up a demonstration in the peruvian capital limA. Several hup dread teachers were protesting against a new law which requires them to take tests to prove their comp tense. 81 central american immigrants is been found locked inside an abandon truck in a Northern mexican state. They were found under a false floor in the truck. They'd be locked in there for two days with temperatures rising to 35 degrees with virtually no food or water. 46977933.JPGOne of the world's best-known footballers, david beckham, has arrived in los angeles where he's to start his new life and new career in the u.S. The former england captain is joining the los angeles galaxy club. This report from david w

some flash photography.

>> They're coming, so the hype would have you believe, to take famous wife and a considerable ambition, to transform the fortunes of so this is the start of beckham mania in the united stateS. America clearly is curious. Hollywood, of course, adores the hype, but the big queio when football field, will actually be watching? E seenanle this country, certainly won't be spared his image. Adverts and endorsements will boost the beckhara but few can remember the last time a soccer player adorned the cover of aca magazine. The hope is that he can bring the beautiful game to another few corners of t which fuly emembrace it. His new team, l.A. Galaxy, is having nl won three games out of 12, and then there's theonacing more for a single game than most of his teammates earn in their entire career get in the way? 46977992.JPG

>> I think most guys understand why he's making the money he's making. He's if he comes and doesn't play well and doesn't care and doesn't try, then there will be some guys that are upset, but ima every happening. And he better pick up the dinner check. That's all I care about.

>> Beckhamay will help, a ?0 million mansion in beverly hills which will serve as the couple's new home when the britain. And just as they were boarding the plane at heao delivered, a bentley commercial with her initials engraved on the wheel rim. Just as their arrival at the los angeles airport had the feel of a red carpet event, soon they will find themselutiful peo the L.A. Galaxy is looking for a return on its considerable investment. There's pressure on david beckham to deliver. David willits, bbc news, los angeles. 469779D0.JPG

>> Of crsness in itselF. Juliet, you've got much bigger business to deal witH.

>> Of course, it's not worth the value of this particular business. A dutch court has resolved the latest chapter in the world's biggest abm amro can sela sal to bank of america. The verdict has been welcomed by barkley's whose share to buy A.B.P. Could succeed. But the decision is a blow to the royal bank of scotland that wanted to buy a.B.M. On the condition that lasalle of the ba. S believed the court's final decision was predictable.

>> The royal bank of scotland will most likely revise the offer and most likely stay in the fraY.

>> Royal bank of scotland issued a statement that said we are evaluating the decision with our consortium partners a ws. The private equities firm looking to buy E.M.I. Has exthe ended its offer by one week. Shareholders now have until the 19th of july to decide whether to accept the $4.A billion offer, which is thought to have the support of less than 4% ofanalysts believe e.M.I., Hold to some of the world's leading music stars, including robbie williams, will see if warner music will table a higher offer for the business. Gazprom has signed a group deal with total. The u.S. Oil giant con know cophillips is also in talks to join the project. The barent sea has $200 billion worth of gas, enough to supply the world for a year. 46977A4B.JPGMore information on those stories in just under 20 minutes' timE.

>> Thank you, juliet. Stay with us here on bbc world because still to come in this programme, hil and bill hit the campaign trili the white house. Tamil tiger rebel in the sri lanka have threatened to launch attacks on economic targets if government forces carry on their military advance. The statement came from a rebel leader in the Northern stronghold. This comes after the governemnt's own announcement that it had defeated tiger forces essentially in eastern sri lanka and was now in control of the entire area. This report from matthew charles.

>> Flushing out the tamil tigers, sri lanka government forces showing off their fire power which has, it would appear, had some success. The military says it's taken control of the entire east of the country, although senior tamil tiger officials insist they are not losing grounD. And so a show of strength from a rebel army which remains defiant and it says undefeateD. The rebels still control their stronghold and a large surrounding area in the North of sri lanka where they run a civil administration complete with a police force and court. The tigers say they would respond to further military advances by the government by attacking economic targets. 46977AA3.JPG

>> ( Translated ): We've awakened the military capacity of the government of sri lanka. The government should make an environment that is conducive for parties to go to the negotiation table according to the ceasefire agreement.

>> Now the side has formally abandoned the ceasefire, but it has broken down with assassinations, air strikes and battles on the ground killing aroueaccording to the ministry of defence. Targeting the economy would inevitably take its toll, not only on ordinary business people but also on the tourist trade which provides much of the country's wealth. The government is vowing to wipe out the rebel's militarily and the focus of the fighting could now shift to the North. The tigers say they'll resist with whatever it takes. Matthew charles, bbc news. 46977ADA.JPG

>> You're watching bbc world. A reminder of the main news. President bush comes under more pressure as the u.S. House oft deadlinE. America's nuclear envoy says North korea must shut down its nuclear reactor by the end of the yeaR.Ey bill shoW. Democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is campaigning with her husband and former president bill right by her side. It harnesses his continuing popularity to her cause, but will she benefit from her husband's presence or is she likely to suffer by comso they've already visited iowa. That's where jonathan beale caught up with theM.

>> The expectation is already growing in iowA. This the first state with thes have a chance to win. The iowa caucus is now only six months away. This is also the only place where the democratic front-runner is trailing behindt bank and senator hillary clinton. 46977B1D.JPG

>> Hillary clinton has decided to roll out her biggest gun, her best-known supporter and most loyal fan.

>> You someone who will make you more proud, i hope the next president of the united states, senator hillary clinton.

>> The former president has already been a formidable fund-raiser for his wife but this is the first time he's joined her on the campaign traiL. This begs the obvious question: Have people come to see bill or hil?

>> He can help herren hopefully he can do her do some of the great things he did in the '90s.

>> I'd vote for him again today?

>> What about her?

>> I'm still making up my mind about thaT.

>> People describe her as everyone's mother-in-law or everyone'S... the wife you divorce, kind of a sense that she does not inspire warm, loving feelings from a large number of people. 46977B55.JPG

>> Seeing the two of them together may trigger some nostalgia about his two terms in office, but it will also remind voters of the controversy surrounding her unconventional take on being america's first lady. She was campaigning for him, she stirred controversy by this reaction to his alleged infidelity.

>> I'm not sitting here some little woman standing by my man with tammy wynette.

>> There was sympathy for hillary when she could no longer overlook his affair lealls for his impeachment. More questions about the state of their marriage. Is this a relationshiplitical convenience? So far the clinton's appearances together are being carefully choreographed. In the end bill's naturalcharisma me eoto house. 46977B8A.JPG

>> He's clearly an asset. He draws a big crowd. People fool good when they listen to him talk, but people are not being asked to vote for him.

>> The billary is a media invention. People need to know she can w

>> Interesting campaign developing there. Now, they were once found if large numbers right ethe eel pion has declined by 95% in the 1980s. In five to ten years the eel could be extinct wamonal way for more than 200 years.

>> The's come up.

>> Until recently they were plentiful here, but these days it's becoming harder andhaar

>> He went out on the water at night about 20 years ago, you would have struggled to pull in the traps b ee bun, two eels in a trap you're doing really well. 46977BD5.JPG

>> There's a good reason why the european eel i disappearing. Its population is just 5% of what it was in the 1980s and nobody completely underan inlace to save it from distinction. Here. Numbers are monitored and these pipes help the baby's move upstream. There are still eels left th, as little as a decade left to save this creature, this is one tradition that might not be around for very much longer.His is a good little story here. It's a different -- i beg your pardon, still to come on bbc world, this still to come, a different perspective on street art. The pavement masterpieces that the spanish authorities have forced into port an american trip which they say may have stolen treasure from the bottom of the sea. The ship, which was intercepted after it left gibraltaras 500,000 gold and silver coins from an ancient shipwreck. Now, the owners say that the wreck is lying in international waters. The spanish government, however, believes the coins may belong to it. 46977C2D.JPG

>> The end of a short voyage and perhaps the beginning of an expensive controversy. When the ocean alert set sail from gibraltar, the spanish authorities were waiting for iT. They ordered the ship into the the bay so it could be searched for stolen spanish treasure. Two months ago the ship's owners, odyssey marine exploration, announced they found what might be the world's most valuable shipwreck with up to half a billion dollars worth of gold and silver on bored.

>> There's something about gold, especially when the sunlight hits the gold.

>> They say they found the ship in international waters in the atlantic ocean but they won't say where, nor can they name the ship they found, referring to it only by a code name, black swan. They've already flown buckets of treasure from gibraltar to the united states so last month theimin federal court. It suspects that black swan might, in fact, be a spanish ship. If it is, spain wants its money back. While the spanish authorities search ocean alert, the company has to decide what to do about two more of its ships, which. If they try mor it back to the united states, they're likely to be detained, as well. In the meantime, odyssey says it will file more information with the court and that even if spain has a claim to the treasure, as the finder, it's still entitled to keep most of it. Bill hayton, bbc newS. 46977C8C.JPG

>> Now, you may be one of those people who think you are ultra careful when it comes to maintaining your privacy, be -- but are you aware how easy it is to find out your personal ooked at the dangers of the internet. Today we investigate just how much people in britain come under surveillance in their everyday lives.

>> The U.K., Aillion people, including me. Obut to what extent are our movements tracked and analysed by the state and private companies. My assign s.To find out just how much w c cards, shops log what we buy. Phone companies know who we call and where, and records exist for the web sites we visit. Some people believe others believe they infridge on our civil liberties and claim we're now living in a surveillance society. 46977CCE.JPG

>> A credit check.

>> Jusuchly private detective richard martinez has been on my casE. Provided with only my name, he's been trying to find out as many details about me as possible, and he' reveawhvereD. HellO.

>> HI, susannaH.

>> Mice to meet you.

>> I've got information for you.

>> Great or maybe n

>> By looking through the public domain, which anybody can get if they know where to look on the internet, i found on you from you just giving me your name, i marriage name, your previous address and I know you've recently moved. I've also found out your husband's name. We've done a credit check on ybo credit check on you, resulT. And that's just from the internet. 46977D07.JPG

>> GosH. What could you do with all that information?

>>Ityichle in the public domain, and then get your account details, obtain a mortgage, purchase goods and services, et wot

>> Make sure that your documents are not visible to anybody passing by either in your car or in your home, som zoom lenc into your home and pick up so much informateyive details away on internet scams. Careful when they receive items

be t, offer of cash or something, then it probably is not true.

>> Well, i hope you're going to keep all this information safE.

>> As with all my customers, the information is confidentiaL. You're safe with me.

>> Susanna street reporting on that worrying aspect of personal identity information. Now, here's something that really may make you stop and look twice when you're walking down the street. This is some perspective bending a special projection technique. It look like it's a real box of crayons or a laptop sticking out of the pavement. It's the work of julian beave l artists who has been using pavement for his canvas since the mid-1990s. Looks likeoh fascinating. On that, of course, on our web site, bbcnews.Com is the place to go and have a looK.Mages for you. <

* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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