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July 12, 2007
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Headline News of July 12, 2007
Supporters of the ruling Liberal Democratic party hold leaflets with photos of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Campaigning is under way for Japan's upper house polls, with PM Shinzo Abe aware a defeat could cost him his job.

A ship carrying the first delivery of energy aid under a key disarmament deal leaves S Korea for the North.
Bureaucratic wrangling between India and Australia is hampering the inquiry into the failed UK bomb attacks.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of July 12, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  

There's been continuous rain since june. It's raised the river to dangerously high levels, and there have been further land slides, too. Lebanese troops have resumed shelling a palestinian refugee camp in north lebanon. It comes just hours after the primesiniora,ll final end to the al qaeda-inspired militants entrenched inside. The camp is occupied by refugees, most of whom has fled since fighting starred. 4696190C.JPG

>> Has come under fire from the armY. The assault comes aftero o ight-week standoff at the camp. That triggered an exodus of hundreds of palestinian refugees, fpped paralysing political crisis. There have been a series of bombings in and around beiruT.

>> Firefighters w have launched a scathing attack on the front-runner for the republican presidential nomination. They produced a video, in fact, claiming failures by rude rudy giuliani, the governor of new york at the -- the mayor of new york at thehsix irefighters whos their union leaders and some bereaved relatives accuse giuliani of exploiting the tragedy and using it as a theme for hisda they list failures, one that he failed to replace ea call because theiros wrt. Ea dedicated to the cause. 469619CA.JPG

>> An illegal immigrant who is giuliani's campaign team says the former mayor has a long history of supporting firefighters' health and safety issues and the video is not behind it. The union behind it supports only democratic presidential can cates.

-- Candidates. It's early days in the election campaign, but this attack on the former mayor's judgment and leadership is clearly an effort to scupper his hopes long bef final decision whobc news, new yorK.

>> Several thousand people have attended the funeral in pakistan of the militant religious leader ghazI gauze. He was killed during the siege of the red mosque in the capital islamabad. He was buried in his home village in the centre of the country. In islamabad itself, authorities have begun burying some of the militants killed in the attack. They say they found 73 bodies on the grounds of the red mosque after the siege. Let's get some pictures that have just come in to us of the compound itselF. We were promised that journalists would be taken around the compound. You see the pock-marked walls there clearly from the level of the high floors there. A lot of the later activity taking place in the basement, as slamabad is phil mackeY. He's at the red mocks. Phil, we're running through the pictures in the basement where so much of the trouble seemed to be focused. What is the sense at the moment that you're getting, the 46961A29.JPGreaction to, a, the number of people killed, and the degree to which we were being told hoen and cn inside.

>> Very good question reallY. The first one that is exercising a lot of minds at the moment is how many people died in there, and if the final death toll is around 1, as it sames to be -- around 100, as it seems to be at the moment, then I think the government will say it was a very, very successful operation because we think that of that 100 or so people, between 70 and 08 would be militants who dieD. Many of those have been buried in a cemetery overnight in islamabad. A colleague of mine has been out here and counted between 65 and 70 freshly covered graves. The question youkedasked is what happened to all the women and children we were told wereffouoesn't appear that any more than handful have been killeD. 46961A71.JPG

>> It's interesting. As weur heardthe complexity of the place, the number of nooks and crannies, little cor

>> Well, it was more than a mosque. The most sex a centrepiece, but it's a huge complex. I likened it to a high school or secondary school or a boarding one at that. Have accommodations for living and eating, t it was fast vast complex. The pictures you're seeing are showing that. We'v days, very focused, room to room, the battl milto exactly what it looked like at the red mosque itself. Phil, thanks very much indeeD.N n in news and some big news in mining

>> A lot of money indeeD. Look, it's a very exciting story certainly in the circles of the mini titon, massive companY. They've put an offer on the table, just over $38 billion for alcan, the third biggest alum

com alcan is very favourable to this offer. It's a heck of a sum of money,lion. Win-win situation for rio tintO. They want to g aluminum businesS. Now we have to see who will put another o these major companies. If they all get pulled, sucked into one monster like this, what does that mean for us lot?

>> I'm glad you ask that because a lot willto mE. It means a lot to the consumer around the world. A company like this, when they merge together like that, they can cut costs. But cutting costs means in cheapest possible way. When you think of what aluminum is used, it's used in everythingood plane bodies. If it's cheaper to buy, it keeps the costs to includeing the. We'll tell you why she stormed of "vanity fair's" photo shooT. U.N. Ki-moon has talked exclusively t goals in the middle east. He told bridget kendall one of his main aims is to see the palestinians reestablish a national unity government. 46961B34.JPG

>> As the secretary-general of the united nations, i helitie help those people in gaza, and there are 1.4 milpon daily assistance. We must carry on humanitarian activities. At the same time as a member of the process, i'm going to do my best efforts to help to realise the two-state visions. That is one palestinian and one israeli living in peace and security side by side. I'd like to see the unity government as soon as possiblE.

>> How worried are you about the situation in iraq if one looks at the violence there? They're at levels of violence and people dyinglrey ast

>> I visited iraqim discussions with the iraqi leaders. As a part of thisibution, as i said, we tried to help the political facilitation. My special representative in baghdad has been meeting with the iraqis s the region of the country, but as i said, t situation, a very dangerous situation. 46961B9F.JPG

>> You're watching bbc world. A reminder of the main newS. The bush administration is expected to announce that the surge of U.S. Troops in iraq has had mixed success.

Militants inside a palestinian refugee camp. This near the northern city of tripoli. A change of scene now.Ff after a run-in leibibz says sh the shot would look better without the crown.

>> The queen retorging anything" and she walks ofF. A spokesman says the queen doesoo thiisllrepared for her 80th birthdaY. Enough from me. Let's have a listen to how without the crown, less dressY.

>> I'm not changing anythinG. I've done enougH. Thank you very mucH. 46961BE5.JPG

>>I had with me a consultant of the royal society of portrait painters. Unusual or is this the way that pae queen?

>> I think this is unprecedented. What is fascinating, of course, is the queen is saying precisely she knows she's being filmed and she thinks annie leibowitz is taking a liberty. I think fascinating clue is to look at leibowitz, a celebrity in her own right, someone used to be paid a fne though things she could stay with. She's dealing with a monarch and the queen is making it u

>> I think you'd look better without the crown, less dressY.Chn her tone. In a way what do you think that does for our perception of the queen? Terms? 46961C32.JPG

>> It's absolutely first c

a comp the not the crown, but that wasn't the distinction that was upsetting the queen.Bowitz was being unreasonablE. She was. Basically what we saw at the end, the queen looks a bit strong, i the photograph, i thought here's a woman of character, she most certainly is. It w acc i suppose in the end everyone wins.

>> Everyone wins in the end. The queen has the character that we know she possesses. And art is the beneficiary. An excellent series of photographs, too.

>> And a nice little insight. Do stay with us. Still to come on bbc world, too much information. How modern technology can make us easy prey for criminals and snoopers. One of europe's top sportsmen whose professional life has earned him iewpis name all over again in the united states. It's david beckham, of coursE. He arrives in los angeles today as he starts on his multimillion dollar contract w R. 46961C8C.JPG

>> Theng real madrid -- manchester united and real madrid footballer david beckham is about to become a soccer staryi0 adoring fans may be over. After signing a deal to play were the L.A. Galaxy, he may have to set hiss le tcrin new york city to open the stock exchange and launch a literacy campaign, he knows that ck united states, has got his work cut out.

>> Everybody knows beckham is a good player, a very well-known all over the world. I think he could help a lot the soccer, football, soccer in the united states.

>> The beckham family are aboutmen mov television interview, his wife pop singer victoria says she's keen to promote the beckham branD.

>> It's always about the outfit, you know. Yeah, i think at the end of the day titures they want. May make you to look the way they want you to looK. 46961CDA.JPG

>> David bec galaxy teammates on friday. Then the real work begins. Russell trot, bbc newS.

>> Now, a fat tax on unhealthy foods could save more than 3,000 lives a year in the u.K. Alone. That's according to a team of medical researchers here in britain. They found that extra tax on things full of fat, salt and sugar could cut the number of heart attacks and strokes. Now, if you used google today, you probably have because we do all the time it seems to keep in touch or to search for something on the web, but every time you do it, you're leaving an information trail of sorts behind you. Our reporter investigates just how much we come under surveincder threaT.

>> The U.K., A democracy and home to more than 06 million people. One of the but to what extent our are movements tracked and analysed? Do technologicals help consumers and make us safer, or do they affect our civil liberties? Are we living in a surveillance society? Many of us now shop, work and even socialize on line,ut leaving? When we visit a web site, often it will leave what's called a cookie on our computers, which allows companies to track future visits and store data about our interests. The search engine google is gathering a huge amount of information on its customers. 46961D3E.JPG

>> Google say they would like the use the data to be able to, for example, suggest to you where you might like to g

f ke people will be... If they start to not trust google because of personal privacy, individual privacy, then we've pro are literally one click away from switching to another service. Everything we do is gated by that.Ooe retention period. So essentially after 18 months everything is forgotten.

>> Records are also kept about who i talked to and where when I'm on the phone.

>> So susanna here is walking down a high streeT. Certainly her mobile phone company knows where the phone is because it needs to talk to the phone company's local towers, but even when susanna hangs up, the phone still will be keeping 46961D87.JPG

>> Chatting online is now increasingly popular. Social networking sites like face book are luring thousands of people to sign up.

>> We have susanna's pag other pages have a lot of very detailed information. It has links to their friends. It can have very embarrassingu have a employer going out and investigating you, they'll have access to all tn person happens to have their e-mail contact, their mobile phone number, their land phone number, their current address. Cybercls can access this informat asier. But computer privacy experts say we should make sure the kit we use is secure and be more awarehow mucwe gegramme at bbcnews.Com. Particularly you might want to look at the pictures that havme these are the latest pictures from the red mosque in islamabad. Of course, the storming of theue and our correspondent down there in some bad 100 bodies in all found after the storming of the siege. Theseew minutes. More on bbcnews.Com. <

* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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