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July 10, 2007
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Headline News of July 10, 2007
Pakistan's troops move towards the Red Mosque in Islamabad on 10 July 2007
Up to 50 Islamic militants die as security forces attack a controversial Islamabad mosque, the army says.

At least six people have been killed and 20 hurt in a suicide bombing in south Afghanistan, Nato-led forces say.
More than 8,000 villagers are evacuated from the slopes of a volcano erupting in east Indonesia.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of July 10, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  


11 hours after a Pakistani security forces first storm the red mosque in Islamabad, the operation still going on the flush out heavily armed Islamist militants. UN' secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has appealed to peaceful end to the siege. The army says that they are controlling at least the seventy percents of the complex.  The militants are holding many women and children, and for that preventing collateral damage. The confirmed death toll so far is 50er killed. In the course of this programme, we'll bring you graphic, step-by-step account of how the military operation was conducted. We'll have updates from our correspondents at the scene. First ben geoghanun red mosque, ambulance rushed the injured to hospital. Pakistani troops stormed the building just before dawn, leading to a fierce fight with the militants inside. They've been holding about 150 hostages in the mosque, many of them childreN. The grounds of the compound include a religious schooL. This morning it appears many people have b the operation has been taking place in the photographs, 4693755D.JPGthis is the southern part where the operation is pleasantly undergoing. The northern part has been cleared. The southern part has four floors, including the basement, anre is intense fight going on there because the taken about 15, 20 minutes to announce so that women and children and all thos out. They're also giving them timE. The operation ed and there is intense engagement by the militants from the flo ight going oN. In addition to that, again, several floors are occupied. Fighting plans. They've turned the mosque into a place for them and they've ruined the sanctity of the mosque. It's in the process of being takeN.

>> The assault came after the failure of 11 hours of talks ordered by the supreme court and the country's president, general Musharraf. A delegation of Islamic clerics was sent to the mocks but came back empty handed. 469375C5.JPG

>> We would go the extra mile for a peaceful settlement, but unfortunately every time they would agree to any understanding, they would change their minds the next minute, and sadly there was no option left but to use force.

>> A peaceful end to this week-long siege has always seemed unlikely. The militants have demanded an amnesty or they promised they'd fight to the death. The mocks's clerics have been trying to impose a hard line Islamic regime in the capital and they're still holding out for their demands. It's reported the rebel leader inside building has barricade themselves in the basement and is now using women and children as human shields. Ben geoghan, bbc newS.

>> The statet maybe 80%, 85% of the mosque has been cleared. We get the latest from our correspondent there in a few minutes' time. Stay with us for thaT. Sources in china have executed the former head of the food and drug administration. Zheng xiaoyu was convicted of bribery for bribery. He took $850 how the from several companies. It's the first time china's imposed the death penalty on an official of his rank since 2000. A report detailing the attacks by the zimbabwean security forces on the opposition movement for democrat exchange has been published by members of the african clergY. The m.D.C. Leader, tsvangira a mom there, was hospitalized in march after allegedly being beaten the authorities in eastern 46937635.JPGindonesia have evacuated more than 8,000 people from the area around an erupting volcano. Mount gamsakhurdia in north maluku province began spewing out fire and smoke on mondaY. Ash clouds have risen 4,000 metres into the atmospherE. There are continuing earth tremors going on there. Officials have raised the danger level to the ohighest possiblE. A suicide bomber has killed a number of people, wounded 30 or so also in afghanistan. Bomber blew himself up near a nato convoy in the south of the country. Police say all the dead were civilians. We can go straight to kabul now and join our correspondent charles halve hasn't on the line. Charles, i hez hate over the numbers given to those -- charles, I hesitate over the numbers given of those killeD. Can you tell me? 46937671.JPG

>> I have spoken to isaf. They said six afghan civilians have been killed and 20 more people, which include seven of the isaf forces, have been wounded in this motion in the marketplace in the south of the country. We also have a comment from the provincial police chief of one of the troubled southern provinces. He's saying it happened in a town in the province and he gave a considerably higher number ofhould treat these figors with extreme caution.

>> We know, a, in marketplace, and b, near a nato convoy, very much a double purp been near a nato convoY. Nato has not confirmed it was province or the nationality of those killed, but it appears to be from the comments from the police chief. Most of the con tin jet there are from the neatherlands. They said this attack showed a wanton disregard for the safety of civilians going aboutir something that has happened. Some insurgents have spoke on the feed civilians and isaf is saying this is what they've specifically done, target civilians. 469376CE.JPG

>> Russia has refused lugovoi, the main suspect in the murder of alexander litvinenko. The british foreign office say they'll consider their responsE. Mr. Litvinenko died in a london hospital last november from a fatal dose of a rare toxic substance. Thailand's supreme court has agreed to hear corruption charges against thaksin shinawatra. The exleader and his wife were named many a case involving wrongdoing in a substantially land deaL.

>> It's taken nine months to prepare, but prosecutors finally have what they say is a strong case against the former prime minister. They came to present it to the have to be tried. The first hearing is expected next month. And mr. Thaksin and his wife are reqiertd to -- required to attend. 46937709.JPG

>> The court has ordered them to be present another the start of the trial. That's a procedure. The judges will make on an order. If they don't appear, the judges will have to order action on howot showing up

>>Sied all the charges against him and insists he can't get a fair trial if thailanD.Ea c in which case an arrest warrant will be issueD. None of this may matter much while he remains in while, but it could affect his recent purchase of manchester city. He still has to pass the football association's fit and proper person test, and that specifically bars anyone convicted of fraud or corruption. To the generals who overo a credible conviction against him will be an important step in justifying their coup. But the justice system works very slowly here and the military has immediate challenges ahead, a growing suspicion among some thais the generals plan to cling on to power. Jonathan head, bbc news, bangkok. 46937752.JPG

>> Tanya is here with news that on p on the european stage is to take on the i.M.F.

>> He is suave, fought suave enough to beat the more suave royal troism european union on tuesday chose france' dominic strauss khan to lead the intermarble monetary funght socialist presidential candidate last year but was defeated by segolene royal. The head of traditionally been chosen from europe, although there have been calls to look elsewhere. The french president, nicholas sarkozy, made a rathea he insisted rules on budget control must be flexible to accommodate his reform. Well, that didn't go down very well with european colleagueS. One share from germs >> Takes its credibility and authority from its independence. It plays an important role for germany. Thel bank was a basis for the development of germany. The same goes it gives us discipline and the country was if favour of it in 2005 in order to strhen its asking questions now? 469377A9.JPG

>> So germans not happy about lax funding. Meanwhile, the publisher of the "wall street journal," dow jones, is making one t fend off -- rupert murdoch's empire company is offering $5 billion to get its hands on dow jonese dow jones's board members are set to meet today. A potential alternative buyer isfoll street journal" itself.

>> If it's in the news, it must be true.

>> Is that right?

>> Tanya, thankss here on bbc world. Still to come in this programme, we've had an awful lot of e-mails about the storming of the rest mosquE. We'll bring some of those to you after this short break. Have to face new elections. The ousted minister means the president's main coalition partner. He's denied allegation against him and his party has andre leper's political c hangs in the balance. The leader of the self-defence party is no stranger to controversy. He's now host his job as deputy prime minister, the sed hi boss, the prime minister. Last time for being too outspoken, this time the prime minister's linked him to a corruption case. 46937817.JPG

>> It's politically very uncomfortable, but rules are rules. I made it clear that our anti-corruption office would investigate sleaze in our own backyard, and they did just that.

>> The allegations centre on the sector, specifically that land was sold off cheaply in return for $1 million in bribes by mR. Leper's own department, the agriculture ministry. The investigation has now reached his door, but he says nobody has

>> ( Translated ): I challenge them to show leper is arranging bribove transactions have taken place. Let them to leper.

>> The working relationship between these two former allies has broken down, so badly it's and his self-defence party can remain in the coalition. Early parliamentary elections are now 4693785F.JPG

>> You're watching bbc world. A reminder of the main news fighting room by room to clear militants from the red mocks compound in islamabad. We're going to stay on that story now because we can get a bit more detail about the army than 4:00 a.M. Local time. Special forces teams who surrounded the mosque on three sides scaled the perimeter and eailee?E soldiers coming out now. They were being replaced by another troes relieving. But very little elsE. Occasionally some of the wounded were taken if ambulances. We know at least 50 people are dead, 50 people are wounded. I don't suppose a knows exact figures. All we know is we keep hearing these exchanges of fire followed by large, shuttering explosions. The battle isntense beginning. 469378BC.JPG

>> It's hard to imagine there isn't going to be another crunch point. So there are maybe i them being held hostage possibly, and something will have to give if they're to be released safelY.

>> It depends how much ammunition and weapons they have got. There will be an endless supply fr sc food coming in, but if you're hold up inside the madrassa, the mosque complex, that. Having said that, I've been in there and met some of the zealots, and a lot of those people do wish to become martyrs prepared o bathroom, all o tas well as classrooms attached to it. Imagine a large high school, a secondary school, that's what then you've got this classrooms and rooms to fight through. That battle is very intense, room-to-room fightinG. They give people the opportunity to come out and surrender. When they don't, the battle starts again. 46937928.JPG

>> Phil, thanks for thaT. Get more into how this has all come about. Lucy malik, a professional of international history and specialises in the region joins us. Let me ask you this: How do you think all this actually came to pass?

>> Well, i think it has been a complex issue and it's been building up over the last many, many years. This is a form of political islam which is very anti-colonial during the british timeS. After the partition, it's become more o because of the events in afghanistan during the 19 08z, the jihady culture came into this political islam. Now we see the familiarout. These ma dr. Is as have been bare, but the politicisation dates from the 1980S. This is where lots of young people and more recently women have been coming to seminaries like the ones attached to the red mosque in islamabad. This is where these people thought they could establish a kind of parallel political system which according to them is sharia-based and could be a role model for the rest of the country. There's political stability, lack of direction in the political culture in pakistaN. There is this unclear relationship between islam and politics in pakistan, like many other muslim countries. Such private kind of systematic programmes are heard by sen people as a kind of utopia, as 4693798A.JPGan ideal. This is their -- theroblems can be resolved if pakistan is converted to what they call an Islamic state.

>> You've got the sort of moral police force. Briefly, it's a surprise, isn't it,

>> Yes, largely these are people from the frontier region. These are youngsters who come from a very poor backgrounD. They get shelter, education, also they have graduated to go and look after the mosques in the tribal area. Also because of afghanistan and lots of western feelings, a lot of people are willing to become recluses. 1980s, beyondy culture was promoted by several intelligence agencies, some within pakistan and outside. Many of these people, especially the people who founded this r men, one for women, they were embroiled in afghanistan, and they had connections with the resistance in afghanistan. 469379CA.JPG

>> It's a clearly very volatile situation. Professor, thank you very much indeed for joining us from our oxford studio there., E fail aor si test, provide they fail it three times. Dan collyns has this report from the capital, limA.Dents whoe taking tests, but in peru, thousands of teachers are so opposed to doing a compulsory exam they've gone on strike. Are t capital as public schoolteachers mark the supreme court to protest against exams testing their and arithmetiC. The strike began last week as a

teachers if they fail the competency test the strikers, who belong to aean mandatory stackinG. - S c mobilise without being oppressed. This shou international labour treaty that peru is part oF.

>> Peru's president, alan garcia, has said the strike is appalling standard of peru's state education. Is earlier thisy peru's teachers defied the union sell basic math questions and around one-third failed a reading comprehension tesT. Substitute teachers are now. Dan collyns, bbc news, limA. Of the mocks your views. We've already had more than 1,50 the majority do seem to back president Musharraf and the security forces in their actions. Let's give you a flavour of some of the e-mails we've had. From karachi, the U.S.A. And U.K. Backed and promoteed the ideology to fight the soviets in afghanistan. They're far away from islam and their trueing displayed worldwide in the form of killing innocent people. 46937A92.JPGThey are terrorists, the enemy of islam. Strong words there. But as we hear from lahore, we'll only hear the official viewpoint, and probably we'll never know if they terrorists or righteous muslims who made anpt society. This one says says this operation cost gandhI her life, time will tell what this will do to gandhI. You can take part in the debatee e-mail any images you have to your pics at bbcbbC.Co.Uk. Now, many of you would have been following the antics of the polar bear at the zoo. Fans of shows he's grown tobiilo, the n b so in style, knut willelf. Enjoy the pictures wile you get them because not going to see many more of theM. BbcnewS.Com. <

* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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