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June 29, 2007
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Headline News of June 29, 2007
Villagers flee attacks from government soldiers in Karen state, Burma, in March 2007. Picture from the Free Burma Rangers organisation
The International Committee of the Red Cross says Burma is abusing its people's rights, in unusually strong criticism.

UN nuclear inspectors pay a "satisfactory" visit to a North Korean atomic reactor for the first time in four years.
Chinese President Hu Jintao arrives in Hong Kong to mark the 10th anniversary of its handover from Britain.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of June 29, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  

UN inspectors have returned to the North Korean capital Pyongyang after their trip to Yongbyon.  The team director told to reporters in Pyongyang that the facilities is not shut down as it has been promised.  But they said North Korean officials had been cooperative and they were satisfied with the visit.

Julia's here with the latest business. 4684F67E.JPG

>> Alitalia is italy's flagship carrier. Shares r 3% on the back of speculation that rival air france could bid for a 49.9% stake in the company, that stake owned by the italian government. Air france discussed alitalia during a board meeting. Company managers say they won't take part in a sale until they've worked out their problems. Earlier this week the russians pulled out of the auction. Telecom italia has rid itself of another non-core asset. They sold the 10.36 stake in a due-buy based telecom for $447 millioN. They bought the stake in 2005 and said it will use the money to reduce its net financial position. The sale also includes the removal of a $150 million commitment. South korea and the united states have agreed on some final changes to their free trade pact. They'll finally sign the f.T.A. Tomorrow. It will be south korea's largest ever trade deal, and for the united states, it will be the biggest since it signed the north american free trade agreement. One day to go online auction for lunch with warren buffett. The lunch benefits a charity that works with the poor, hungry and homeless. So far 06 bids have been submitted to ebaY. The highest has in less than half of last year's winning bid of $620,000. More on those stories in just 4684F6F4.JPGunder 20 minutes' time. I can assure you it won't be myself or david.

>> Too high stakes for us, aren't they? Rr with us on bbc world.To come in thisgr

macive cordo t loone afterce find aaromb. Police in spain are still questioning a couple arrested on suspicion of trying to extort money from the parents of the missing british gir nd women allegedly tried to claim reward money totalling more than $4 million. The four-year-old's eandnu

>> Detucktives -- detectives from spain and portugal closed in on an itaan man, ady swarrant, and a portuguese woman, thought to be his partner. The police say the man who served a prison sentence in france for mistreati abut searches and a mounting sense of expectation, there was no sign of madeline and no clue as to her said they'd investigated the couple after learning that they tried to contact kate and jerrytoed totallingion. Raise madeline's profile. It's now aikt weeks since their -- eight weeks since their daughter went missing. Officially the spanish police say this line of enquiry has mott been closedet another promising lead may ultimately come to nothing. Steve kingston, bbc news, madrid. Crashed late on thursday in the north of the country. Five people were killeD. Another 66 survived the crash. We have pictures of it veering 4684F774.JPG

o it the airport 250 kilometres north of the capital luanda. Right old mess there. The crashthangola's national airline from flying to european airports because of set you're watching bbc world. The main news: Prime minister gordon brown says britain faces a serious and continuous security threat after police find a car bomb in the heart . Greece declare a major victory in battling a blaze north of athens. Rescue operations continue across pakistan as floods are submerging large parts of southern asia. Hundreds of thousands of residents have been displaced afterin a cyclone. The onset of the rainy season brought severe weather. Okay. Let's move on to the main story, that is the bomb found here in nt home affairs correspondent andy tighe joins us at scotland yarD.Ve us some indication as to how they came across it? 4684F7C4.JPG

>> Well, david, it wasn't intelligence-led, which is a sort of phrase we've heard quite a lot in the last few years here from scotland yard, telling us about the covert surveillance operations, which by weT.Ame from someone phoning

near piccadilly circus, a principle shopping area, also many theatres, restaurants, clubs and so forth. There are unconfirmed reports ofan driving the vehicle, crashed it into some bins and then ran off.Yy the police at this stage. All we know is they have been able to make the device safe, and they aof for thorough forensic investigation. One more piece of informati a potentially viable device inside this car and that that included some kind of gas cylinders. Beyond that we're waiting to hear morem at scotland are going to give us a briefing i flimsy, isn't iable devicE. Do we assume from that that it hadn't been put together as a bomb in. 4684F815.JPG

>> I don't think we can say at this stage. We don't knoW.E reasons ws, for example, they're veryone this registration plate of this particular card, a mercedes car, presumably because as we speak they ainerrom talking to sources at scotland yard is they are keeping an open mind, but clearly there is a new government just installed here if london. There is a new home secretary, jacqui smith, a n per, gordon brown. The question must be: Is this some kind of terrorist group tr many people have weird and dangerous ideas out there. Until we get some sort of clearer feel from the policendcould be res to go too far down the road of speculation.

>> Clearly. Andy, thanks very much indeed from new scotland yard there. Andy tighe. Stay with bbc world. We've got more indeed on the very same story. We'rgoiondent rob watson. Rob, in terms oF... We were hearing from andy tighe, this was not intelligence-led. Nonetheless, now, of course,lligence kicks in.O t likely to have done this. 4684F86B.JPG

>> Absolutely, david. I think the first priority is the forensic investigation, as andy was saying. The car has now been taken away. It's been identifying the de dedevice, by doing tests onity sourceseeay ho also point out that, of course, the biggest threat to britain right now is from islamic have been drawn to the casevictedlo usingacked with gas

tparisons are beingt again, it is very, very early dayS. Expect more soon.

>> And in terms of a new government coming into place, a new man at the h i on the iraq approach than tony blair, the bottom line is whoever has done that is probably sending a message in that regard, as well.

>> Absolutely, but that could apply to any particular group. The time for maximum point when you have a new prime minister, a new government. What could be better timing? Instincts will be and again securi s extremists, but again, it would apply really, wouldn't it, to any group that wants to send out a violent message? 4684F8C9.JPG

>> OkaY. Rob watson, thanks veren on the day progresses. Stay with us for that on bbc worlD. Still to come in t critics say turning crops into fuel risks putting up the price f of p unwelcome stares? Italian women can avoid thosesc b christian fraser has morE.

>> For some women the early weeks of the summe and trepidation, peeling off to the beach with reveal a few secrets too mucH. Now a adriaticoast, the italians have come up with a perfect solution, a beach closed to men. This is a stretch of sand that will appeal to overzealous male. No more of those flirtatious offer to rub subscreen on your back.

>> ( Translated ): For many women who want to sunbathe topless, for instance, it's a great ot g away and stare incessantly.

>> Safe if the knowledge this beach is now off limits to men, the gym glasses are much more popular, and in the cafe, deep-fried squid and chips has now been it's a woman's dream. But if this is popular with the fairer sex, the men don't like it one bit.

>> No gooD. No gooD.

Ny the book. There's still the persistent trespasser and, of course, the admiring spectator, and perhaps, of the beach. Christian fraser, bbc news, rome.

>> There's been something of a furious attack on the drive to use more biofuels from a charity supporting poor farmers in developing countries. The charity called grain says into a dp ro fuels -- agro fuels is causing more damage than previously realise. Growing crops for fuel is destroyed and causeing farmers to be thrown off their 4684F982.JPG

is that the E.U. Is rushing to this. That's why we've called for a moratorium. They don't know what they're doing. It's like everything is going far too fast. If they're going to have biofuels, they'll have to be imported from the south.

>> Do they have to be imported?

>> Yes, they dO.

>> Europe wants to expected.

>> Europe wants to expand, but even if you used absolutely every scrap of arable land in this country, we'd still only be able to provide 30%, 40% of our current transport fuel needs. And we wouldn't be able to grow any food, so that would be a slight problem.

>> That's the impacT. There wouldn't be enough food or people will lose their lanD. 4684F9AC.JPG

>> Many, many impacT. People will lose their lanD. It's a form of colonialism in another guise because big companies are going and buying land up, and atof these crops, they'll be in effect owned by the large companies and farmed by the large companies themselves to export valley produced biofuels to europe.

>>Reio ans

>> Well, it may be that a small-scale use of biofuels might worK. Probably not even liquid fuels, but combine heat and power or some use on their farm, that could work, but the problem is this idea that it's going to be this huge thing that's going to help us solve our problems in europe is not viable we believe.

>> That's the point. A lot of people believ how do you parry up the two? How do you strike a balance?

>> I think first of all not enough research has been done. If we destroy more rainforests in the lands in indonesia, we'll have hugE... Tremendous emissions of carbon dioxide, and if we destroy the amazo tacts w the point is I think people are hoping to find a solution to the problem of transport fuels without actually changing anything. And you see, tindusty hard for this because they don't want us to say, oh, we'd rather have more efficient engines an big players pushing for this.

>> Right. That said, briefly, though, there are parts of the world, many now, where biofuels are used.S... You can understand the drive towards those alternative, and let's face it, we all have to do something about carbon emissions.

>> I think that's the wrong way to gO. We do run the risk of driving people out of food production littlE... Food stocks are at a record low at the momenT. There are other very viable solutions we should look another which we could put into effect immediately.

>> Are you in the same camp that would like to see these called agro fuels rather than biofuelS.

>> I want to call them agro fuels because most are produced from current food crops. And so therefore they are just the same thing as the agricultural crops which we grow everywhere at the momenT. For example, argentina, they have huge areas of soy which have encroachd massively on forest, on people's lands. They grow right up to the edge of towns. . They have to be hugely sprayed with pesticideS.G about the problem of water and the use of water for these cropS. 4684FA58.JPG

>> Thanks very much indeed. More about whether it's biofuels or any of the oer syou go on to our web site bbcnews.Com. Of course, a lot there for you on the major muse story a in london saying they have diffused a bomb in the centre of the city near piccadilly circus. More on the web site for you, <


* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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