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June 27, 2007
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Headline News of June 27, 2007
North Korean nuclear reactor at Yongbyon. File photo
UN nuclear inspectors will be allowed their first visit to N Korea's main nuclear reactor in four years, reports say.

A judge finds 21 medical workers guilty of infecting children with HIV in the south of Kazakhstan.
Political parties in East Timor end 30 days of campaigning ahead of this weekend's parliamentary polls.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of June 27, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  

>>> United Nation's nuclear inspectors were being invited to visit North Korea's main nuclear facilities.  Inspectors had talks in the capital Pyongyang about travel to Yongbyon yesterday.  Senior members of this team has said that this trip is just a visit, and there will be no inspect until formal agreement will be reached.

>> The peruvian ex-president is quoted as saying he has decidedr house of parliament. He was speaking with japan's ntv network.

>> We will get back with alastair in just a moment. Still to come on the programme. He brought peace to northern ireland, but what chance does he have in the middle east? We take a closer look at tony blair's new job as special middle east envoY. 4682FCE2.JPG

>> Let's go to new york and get all of the business news.

>> Thanks very much. The trial o draws to a close. The markets enjoy a bit of a rally.

>> Today marks the start of a former newspaper baron state lies in the hands of a jury noW. They have just finished arguing theira

jury juriors will decide whether he l>> They're gambling with their brands for outsoug day.E seen a flood of safety recalls to toys, and now tireS.Atread can come apart while the car is movinG. Officials say it is a big problem, and chinese manufacturers can't take the U.S. Market for granteD.

The orders of big ticket items --

>> The european union has agreed to continue sharing information on air passengers with the american government. The U.S. Authorities want the information as part of a crackdown on terrorisM. An existing ae H. Americans currently get information about people traveling on trans-atlantic flights from europe. The new provisional deal wou them to continueaccessing the rm>> Let's tell you what is going on with the marketS. The federal resvethursday, ahead of that the market enjoyed a little bit of a rallY. Meanwhile, over the atlantic, europe's market finished down. 4682FD61.JPG

>> You're watching bbc as britain's new prime minister. The former prime minister, tony blair has a the new special envoy for the middle east.

>>Ay in the region? I'm joined in the studio -- he was a former advisor to much for joining me. How do you think tony blair's appointment is going to play amongst israelis?

>> Officially theeone who is a friend of israel, a supporter of israel. At the same time, underneath the official statement, there could be concerns that blair will try to move outside of the narrow ms eissues and civil society and try to get into some of the nuts and bolts of security and

>> A friend of israel, is he too much of a friend of israel eu palestinians?

>> He will be an effective person. He is very close to the adminis he

step out of the mandate --

>> -- Has demonstrated how difficult it is to get movement on the peace procesS.

>> Tony blair -- ultimately he was not a former prime mint of one of the world's super powerS.

>> Is this going to depend on how much tony blair still can pressure the white house? Is that reallye to hdw if iere is not the envoy, the capacity of the envoy, but the policy behind the envoY. I don't see the policy really changing. That will constrain and limit the ability of t


>> That's a policy that is going to have to start in washington. The administration is going to have to look at palestinians as a more unified promote palestinian unity and renewing the unity government deal which has sera palestinians into moderates and -- that policy has failed. 4682FE0D.JPG

>> He needsence ov. Rumblings from some memberS. Quartet, rumbles from arabs in the middle east, but blair himself, whether it is possible for him to do this itself is not unifieded and people in the region --

>> His effective is based administration here and his i that administration. Ultimately it is going to have right person to carry that through.

>> You're based here in is prepared to, after so many years of not putting enough muscle -- --

>> I think that blair should be able to continue that line.

>> Does tony blair need to persuade people here in washington to take a more even-handed approach, if that is going to happen from here?

>> Certainly a starting positioN. Again, not dividing palestinians. Trying to get tre is aington. But at the moment that appears to be beyond the mandate that tony blair has been giveN. 4682FE68.JPG

>> Thank you for joining me.

>>> President bush meanwhile has appointed a special envoy to the largest group o muslims to speak out against extremists who are he says islam's true enemy. In this speech at the islamic who would be named the first U.S. Envoy. Theeldecades aonsiehat would ensure stability and peace. He said it had brought neither,at judiciary committee has issued speen az to the white house and the office of dick cheney. The white house wants to see official documents to help in its president bush's authorization of wire tapping of american citizens the idhn at a time of war which he insists includes the war on terror to enclued domestic wiou hitchcockian menace. The story of the australian town plagued by birds. 4682FEB6.JPG

>>> 21 medical workers in the central republic of kaz sick stan have been found guilty of an outbreak -- the judge said those accused had acted recklessly.

>> Here is our report.

>> The trial ended in tears and chaos. Where is the justice sheinted, heart broken that those who are responsible for her child's hiv are not going to jail.Re 119 of them. And their story is just like any otheR. At the local hospital, doctorslo soon after he tested positive for hiv. His condition carries such stigma here, his mother can't even find a nursery that would accept him. And his father has been looking

medical workers. All of them say they're innocent innocent. On wednesday, the judge said there was plenty of evidence that they made money by blood transfusions. All of him he said were guilty. Still this woman and her three deputies will not sveshe used charge oealth carendful figure here. 4682FF19.JPG

>> It is not fair. The people who are in charge, who are most responsible for what happened here are getting away with it.

>> Theover. Is not. New cases continue to emerge all of the time here. And just last night, anoer bbc news. Not often that life imitates film, certainly when the movie is the horror epic the birds, by alfred hitchcocK. The residents in a small australian towns are beginning to see similarities between that movie and their lives today.

>> The starlings have been making live miserable for people in this quiet corner of new south waleS.S pesky birds roosting in trees, bombarding cars with foul smelling droppings. E the artillery has been called in as the battle between man and bird heats up. So far there has been one gone the same way. 4682FF66.JPG

>> A number of techniques to try and deter the birds from luding pnitrees, using water cannons, lights, using noise deterrents, he coming and rststreet.

>> Undeterred the authorities have been pursuing ola

enough. The birds were to be herded in. Thousands escaped, leaving frustrated officials scratching their heads and ducki ly ltoo muchneT. We will take the dead birds out of the net and we will take some of the tension off the net and we are going tfails professional sharp shooters could be brought in to finish the job. It is a move that would nize a may find much support among theed people here.

>>> Before we go, let's look at that big story again back in britain as gordon brownny blair has beenoias an international representative in the middle east. Mr. Blair will act on behalf of the quartet made up of the you united states, european union, russia, and the united nationS. Israel has welcomed the ap time building credibility amongst the arab public. 4682FFD2.JPG

>> There we see him on his last day in office. Tony blair has been in office for ten years, the longest serving british prime minister. This is bbc tes in british politics. <



* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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