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June 26, 2007
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Headline News of June 26, 2007
International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Olli Heinonen, centre, walks with UN nuclear inspectors upon arrival in Pyongyang
UN nuclear inspectors arrive in Pyongyang for talks, as South Korea says it will restart food aid to the North.

Aboriginal elders in Australia consider a tourist ban at Ayers Rock in protest at a child abuse crackdown.
Chinese President Hu Jintao puts clean government and sharing wealth fairly at the top of his political agenda.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of June 26, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  

>>> The U.S. Congress has moved a step closer to demanding that Japan apologize for the mass corruption of foreign sex slaves in the second world war. The Congress' foreign affairs committee voted overwhelmingly in favor of the apology demand which now goes to the full representative of the House. It is thought over 200,000 women and girls from countries such as Korea, China, Indonesia, and Taiwan were forced to work as sex slaves in the Japanese army brothels before and during the war. In 1993, a Japanese government official did apologize for the comfort women. Isn't that enough? A question I put earlier to the congressman Michael Honda who proposed this resolution.

>> The deputy cabinet secretary Kono is I guess equivalent to a chief of staff to a political official. He worked with a group of folks who had studied the issue for two years and then came out with that statement, and he did say -- but the government did not take up the issue as an official act. The prime minister may have aligned himself of those comments and said that I apologize and I feel the grief or I feel the pain, but took no official action as a government.

>> What you're saying is you would like the Japanese Prime Minister Abe to come out much more clearly and specifically at the highest level of the country and make an apology.

>> It would be the equivalent of congress passing a bill in both houses and the president signing it. 4681ACEE.JPG

>> Is the American congress at risk of getting involved unnecessarily in what is a Japanese domestic affair?

>> Well, one can say that you know, we do that all of the time. We insert ourselves in times of difficulty, such as in Bosnia, Kosovo, Darfur right now, and we're pressuring China to take a greater leadership in Darfur. This is not much different. It is about friends working with friends, and I think the couple of congressmen have said it well when they said sometimes it is difficult for friends to work with other friends and encourage them to do the right thing.  Congressman Michael Honda spoke a few minutes ago.

>> Do stay with us here. Coming up former world number one venus williams struggles but wins her first round match at wimbledon.

>> The ecosystem in the black sea is under threat according to romania. It says illegal fishing by turkey is causing damage and destroying fish stocks. Romania is trying to stop rogue fishing crews breaching its territory. Turkey admits there is a problem. It's trying to punish the poacherS. It wants to persuade the crews that they're jeopardizing their own lifevelylihoods.

>> Caught in the act. A coast guard takes action to stop a poacheR. Lowered their nets in romanian waters. Romania is investing heavily to keep the illegal trawlers at bay. Decades of pollution and overfishing have devastated the black sea, leaving stocks of some species running dangerously loW. Come fishermen break the rules and cross the borders to bring it in. Not it is not just that that gets tankled in their nets.

>> Illegal fishing by foreign boats is destroying the fine balance and the efforts to rebuild normal numbers of fish plus the collateral damage of the rare population in the black seA.

>> As romania launches its crackdown, turkish officials are taking steps of its owN. They're drafting a new law to punish the poachers. Satellite systems are on their way to monitor all boats out at sea. They're trying to educate the fishermen that poaching may bring more money in the short run, but it risks creating an environmental disaster and destroying their livelihood for the future.

>>> Let's get the latest on the situation in tehran where there have been chaotic scenes. The country introduced petrol rationing there. I saw on the wire reports that there had been burning of cars, attacking petrol stations. What has the situation been today?

>> One of our colleagues in the northwest of tehran saw a petro station on fire with cars burning, and there were three people burned to death in the petrol statioN. They were shouting anti antigovernment slogans against president ahmadinejaD. People protesting by coming out on the streets. Playing live pop music in their cars which is not allowed in the countrY. Police can't get near the stations. Other roads have been blocked off by the police so the situation does not get worse. There were scuffles. Hundreds and hundreds of people trying to fill up the cans to beat the petro rationinG. One taxi driver had broken down because he had run out of petrol and he had walked all of the way with an empty coke ka cola bottle. They're angry that they weren't given proper warning. They see it as a sign of economic mismanagement here.

>> Thank you for joining us with that.

>>> How do you fancy the idea of eksxquisite italian cuisine in a maximum security prison?

>> This is one of the most exclusive restaurants in italY. So popular the clientele have been waiting over a month for a table. Very distinguished names on the guest list. Security is tighT. This is a restaurant set in a maximum security prison. It is a medieval fortres home to robbers -- dangerous men, but their food is to die for. Tonight, the waiter, serving wine and a life sentence for murdeR. It is the only contact he has had with the outside world in 20 years. 4681AE47.JPG

>> This is a glimpse of pre freedom. The guests don't judge, and in return we give them a night to remember.

>> This is the fourth dinner they have put on. The back drop is a watch toweR. The man -- the clientele, 160 of them have all undergone strict security checks.

>> 25 euros, and look at the ambience ambience.

>> In the prison, they will not do anything to you.

>> Absolutely, why not.

>> No poison, but the head chef is serving time for murder. Slow time, slow food, they use a variety of local cuisines.

>> The tennis day two at the wimbledon championship. Two former champions went through. 2004 champion shareapova and serenea williams.

>> She was two points from defeat. The russian took the first step 6 games to 2. Williams took the second. <


* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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