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June 20, 2007
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Headline News of June 20, 2007
Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra (file image)
Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra lodges an 81.6m formal takeover bid for Manchester City.

US envoy Christopher Hill goes to N Korea, as the country casts doubt on a planned trip by nuclear inspectors.
Iranian naval forces in the Gulf tried to capture an Australian Navy team but were repelled, the BBC learns.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of June 20, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  

>> The U.S. Envoy Christopher Hill has made his first visit to North Korea amid the speculation that the talks with Pyongyang about the nuclear program could soon be restarted.  But optimism about the visit dampened by the news that a plan trip scheduled by UN nuclear inspectors may not go ahead.  North Korean spokesmen said that the visit can be confirmed only when funds frozen in a Macau bank were released. Gay rights demonstrators and orthodox jews have clashed on the streets of jerusaleM. Police detained one man carrying a small homemade bomb as gay rights activists marched against violencE. 7,000 police were on hand to protect 2000 people in the parade. Bad weather has prevented the space shuttle atlantis from taking its first opportunity to land. The nasa space agency it would delay the landing until friday. 4679C290.JPG

>> We'll be back with al ter in just a moment. Still on come on the programmE. Saving lives on the front lines. How americans are trying to wins hearts and minds in afghanistaN.

>> And let's get all the business news from new york.

>> Thanks very much kathY.

>> Hopes of a trade deal are dashed and there's markets up in finish that the numbers coming up. Crush talks between the world trade organization 4 most powerful members have collapseD. Accusing richer countries of intransigeance as the last chance to reach a deal under the so-called world trade talks which have been dragging for six years. President bush has blamed india and brazil for the collapse. And investors around the globe are about to chance to a private equity boom where there's stock debut of second buyout fund. Black stone but several american politicians are worried about which i knee $3 billion stake in the sale. They beijing could get access to some of the technology owned by black stone, and general electric and pierson has abandoned plans to buy the publish shaw of the "wall street journal." In an effort to price to rupert murdoch. His news corporation had already bid $5 billion for it. Already faceing a slow economy plus higher fad and gasoline price americans are having a with for morning cup of coffee. Starbucks has warned that hit their profits with the higher coffee bean prices aren't going to help. 4679C308.JPGOver all a better session than we saw earlier in the week really. Pretty quiet really on the news front. But over all the dow and nasdaq finishing up. It's a different story in the europe where the markets finished down.

>> You're watching bbc news. One of the most crucial european union some it's of recent years has begun in brussels wherely did you see are struggling to agree a new tree fear for widespread reform, and the taliban tell the bbc they will adapt the terror tactics seen in iraq. Let's get more on our top story the eu overcome their differences and agree to reform reforming the union. Our correspondent david eades is in brussels a short while ago i asked what will happen if european leaders can't reach a compromise. 4679C342.JPG

>> I suppose that the short answer to that is nothing much because there is always the chance of another meeting it can go on to the next presidency. I think the real problem is there is an awful lot of credibility at stakE. They have the debris in front of them what they wanted to be their constitution which of course the french and dutch in refer dums said no we're not having it. Where now they've diluted version of the same thing for them to disagree here of they've got to knuckle down and they're all in this together. There has to be some sense of solidarity to go anywhere. It's hard enough to get one country to agree on major changes. It impossible to get 27 countries to agree? 4679C37C.JPG

>> Well i think there is that view. 27 into one. It's difficult isn't it. But if we put it this way 18 of those 27 have already ratified what was a far more ambitious constitution. It doesn't exist anymore. This is more diluted. It wittels down to three or four. Poland on its particular issue the british, the dutch, and the french to a certain extent. Now they are all tough nuts to crack and this is mar cull who's leading this for the germanS. She doesn't know there will be a deal here or noT. Speaking to diplomats they all feel there isn't one single issue which is so typical so impenetrable they can't crack it.

>> The big challenge for the american forces in afghanistan is to patrol sections of the border with pakistan. This is a mountain of the front where al-qaeda are thought to plan their attacks of our correspondent damian has spent the last fort night. He traveled with the province of patika. He witnessed a remarkable rescuE. 4679C3CC.JPG

>> A lawless land where blood feuds and violence ruleS. American medevac teams race to save a woman.

>> Eight months pregnant, shot through the stomach. The mother and her unborn baby who without this aid would die for certain.

>> In thaer tribal areas life is stillbral field surgeons have minutes to save heR.

>> They have brought her back to life just. By emergency saw sarin every sar 81 they've delivered her tiny premature baby. The bullet stuck the baby in the womb.

>> The infant has a 4 inch gash to his back.

>> He takes a dozens stitches to close his wounD. Even before he was born another victim of afghanistan's conflicts conflicts. 4679C420.JPG

>> His home is the wild frontier with pakistan. Mightiest army is trying to tame this placE. To end the culture of the gun she fell victim to.

>> The task can only be achieved by persuasion not military force.

>> But the taliban were in this village last night telling people not to cooperate with the americans.

>> So captain john mcgrady is to submit to central government and rule of

>> Violence is fed by smuggling routes across the mountains. Weapons and explosives flow into afghanistan f yyend the reach o thhan

s bordering the global

border lands.

>> Transforming afghan lives is part of that effort. 4679C480.JPG

>> The medevac team didn't expect her to survivE. Her baby boy is healing toO. She's named him racmatulA. Means blessed by goD. A tiny fragile scrap of hope inland of violence and crueltY.

>> One tiny life saved there in afghanistan. Too stay with us on bbc world coming up on the programmE. A mystery of the lake that vanished simply into thin aiR. Of corruption he was making a bid for an englishemiership forit's bittersweet thai prime minister. He's to manchester filed copave this report.

>> It was always a futbol fan this was when he was still's against foreign diplomats. He's offering a $160 million for manchester city. They recommended the bid to his shareholder he illegally helping his wife by government owned land with bargain price so a $100 billion of his assets have been frozen in thailand. He motivated. He's prepared to go back to thailand not just yeT. I'm ready to go back and fight ot ng. Confrontation between the people who're crying for democracy to confront with military. 4679C4F7.JPG

>> The first si come was over thrown by the army the generals have been under pressure to prove their accusations of corruption.

>> Hetis whont the e it could help his standing in football crazy in the indian state of tamil are investigating allega t to perform surgery. Saw sar 81 section to getguinness book of records. A lake in southern chili has suddenly disappeareD. There's ol in these times of global warming scientists are used to steadily center line shrinking lake. Was a size of 10 football pictures. There's now there's agers wererc they cout empty.

>> Chilean authorities are trying to find out how the water disappeared. One theory that the area was hit by a urt quake that opened a crack in the ground and drained it away. 4679C569.JPG

>> Geologists are being sent to area to find out to find out what had of what happened. And no for now it remains a subject ori pe the mayanes region.

>> Now hundreds of druids, pagans and party goers come together to celebrate in

>> It doesn't look very summery.

>> One of the most crucials years has begun in ls tree fear for widespread reform. A number of countries are considering a initial draft i ofs

>> This is bbc news in washington i'm kay.

>> We're having a typical british summer here to let you <

* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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