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April 17, 2007
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Headline News of April 17, 2007
Cho Seung-hui
Police name a student who shot dead at least 30 people at a US university as Cho Seung-hui, from South Korea.

The US Marine Corps drops charges against a marine over the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha in 2005.
The US says it has no official confirmation that North Korea is starting to shut down its main nuclear reactor.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of April 17, 2007 (With some misspelled words)  

Tonight thousands gathered to mourn the 32 victims of the united states' worst mass shooting. 46255FAA.JPG

>> Those who lives were taken did nothing to deserve their fate. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong timE.

>> The killer revealed, cho seung-hui left a note and wrote you caused me to do this.

>> On the campus of virginia tech, this is bbc worlD.

>> In london, also in our programme, the mayor of -- is shot dead while campaigninG.

>> Climate

>> In blacksburg virginia, police revealed the identity of the gunman who killed 32 students here. He was a 23-year-old south korea who had lived here all his life. They found a disturbing note and a $500 reset for a handguN. Here is a look back at today's developments.

>>> How do you measure the scale one way, the long lines of students trying to attend the commemoration of something that some of them will never forget. The campus nurses, medical staff, and the heavily armed S.W.A.T. Teams, reassuring today, perhaps, but yesterday unable to stop the carnage. What must they all be thinking? Normally this place resonates with the sounds of cheers for the university football team, but this is a rather different occasion. This is just the overflow area, the memorial service taking place down the road in the basketball stadiuM. Thousands of studentsthought could actually happen. George bush was here, too, a timely responsis is expected t's chie ofgrginia tech commit s s 46256046.JPGour entire nation. We have come to express our sympathy.

>> In a nearby hall where the campus has been turned into a camp for the world's media, some of the most pressing questions were being answered. First and foremost, the identity of the gunman.

>> That person is cho seung-hui. He wasy alieN.

>> The hall where 31 innocentere gime scene. Escape, and an inkling from a suicide note why he did it. An english student and loner -- the victims of the monday morning massacre, wereselection of a community of learning. 20-year-old ross alameddine gunned down on his way to a french class. Mary reed, a virginia local, just 19 years olD. Professor liviu librescu, he survived the holocaust, but not this. He saved the lives of students by blocking the doorway of his classroom. Granata, one of e bishop, a foreign language tly s front of his students. Here is what we know about how yesterday's events unfolded. At 7:15, police werethmbler johnston hall. Three two students, ryan clark and emily hilscher had been shot did.Er sent an email olice were called to norris hall. There, 31 people lay dead. As officers arrived at 9:55, the firing stoppeD. The gunman had killed himself with the last shot. Ten ev,edto theI yet che hadorward toned ohe r crying when i realized that it wasn't a nightmare, that it was actual reality. 462560F2.JPG

>> The student cadets are in full dress uniform, the sound of silence honours the dead, and in the hills of virginia, a place of learning has been forced to confront actions that defy understanding. Bbc news, blacksburg, virginia.

>> Speaking just a few minutes ago, the governor of virginia described the killings as a horrible tragedY. .

>> This is the darkest day in a wonderful history of virginia tech. This is a strong community, that is obvious in the reactions of students even during the very difficult events of yesterdaY. I pledge every effort of the state in the days to come to cysting this assisting the university in the healing process, to assisting the family members, as well as students and people in the community who new a loan loneR. Officials are asking what prompted him to commit violence on such a devastating scalE. A portrait of a killer. The teenage, this was home, centre vil virginia, a town house, today, E. Cho graduated from west field high school. The korean community here is in shock tt by himselF. 46256163.JPG

>> Cho seung-hui came to america when he was 8 years old. For his parents ending up in a h be y it is only half hour outside of washington.

>> On the street today we heard about a closed-in young maN. What neighbour said he would not respond if someone greeted him, but most struggled to understanD.

>> This is a very quiet neighborhood, a well integrated neighborhood, allin something that we have never thought would have happened here.

>> Whatever drove cho seung-hui to kill is not an isolated case. In the past ten years, there have been 19 multiple shootings on campuses and at high schools. 46256196.JPG

>> Young people are much more sensitive, if somebody crosses them, if they feel an injustice, they don't take it. They retaliatE. We have a lot ofi and gsre combinatioN.

>> And for the disturbed, guns are always at hand. Larry sells pistols likhohis home. N aheo card a with a handgun. Bbc news, virginia.

>> I'm joined here at virginia tech by a freshman student on the university. Thanks for joining us. It seems almost impossible that it was only a day ago that this terrible event happened.

>> Yes. I woke up, i was alone in my apartment. I was upset about it. I have been hanging out with my friends basically, and it has been a long, depressing few days, but i am just going to hang out with my friendS. Hh a student lounge, that's all we knew, and for a while i was w wo i havespoken today seem almos t now its but>>Mevents? 4625621F.JPG

>> I am not even leaving right now. I am staying here for the whole week. I feel fine here, as long andbe much the location that bothers me, it is just what happened, and, you know, who I am with right now is all that matters.

>> This was a huge memorial service a few hours agO. You tried to go.

>> I tried to go. It was exciting, it was bringing everybody together. It was amazing, because we needed that to structure ve at least somewhat, it was in the presence of everybody going there, the president, governor, not so much what they said, but just being there, feeling a togetherness, a whole after allhetressed they had to be carried ouT. It is affecting the whole community. 46256259.JPG

>> Everyone is affected by that, illthng umair we h b rl nt inieally I nI e seuniversities.Aynn jacksonville or penalizes honest citizens instead of criminalS. When so many movies and --

>> One from washington D.C. With the other point of view on the gun control depaT. The U.S. Needs stringent gun control. It is not violence in movies, butouching the people of the united states. There is going to be a broader debate now about the issue of gun controL. After an event of this magnitude, after so many people have been killed on this campus, there will be more of a discussion about the gun control. Please keep your emails coming to us. We do want those emails to come to us. 462562BB.JPG





* Because production of these transcripts depend on a variety of factors, there are occasional spelling errors.

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