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March 15, 2007
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Headline News of March 15, 2007
US Treasury official Stuart Levey announces the measures
The US announces steps that could allow North Korea to access its frozen funds, one of its key demands.

Five "defenders of free speech", including a Chinese lawyer and Egyptian blogger, are honoured in London.
Clouded leopards found in Borneo and Sumatra are a new species, according to conservation group WWF.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of March 15, 2007 (with some misspelled words)

They say thousands of children in nazi death camps. Welcome to I'm jonathan child's. Also on this programme making headlines for the wrong reasons. Ex newspaper tie coon conrad black stands on trial for fraud.

>> It's 10 P.M. Across much of europe. 9 P.M. In here in london where is a decision chch repercussions around the world the british government that parliament to up trite you trident nuclear weapon system that the vote will harder to persuade nations to iran to rein in their own nuclear programmes. But he still faced a rebellion by many of his mp's as we report. For half a century britain nuclear deterrent and angry protests. Today feelings have exploded again with the government has opened up the question of whether to finance new sub marines that carry trident nuclear missiles. If we take the decision now to begin work on replacing and the trident nuclear sub marines.

>> 409 to, 161.

>> The house of commons voted in favour of spending the 20 billion pounds to update britain nuclear deterrent. Alda divisions in the labour party were reopened and four members of the and agreement crossed party line. The government was backed by the conservative party. It's formerly der dismissed former rebels. If we announced we were not to have a nuclear deterrent in the other countries people sitting in tehran well what a relief we are now going to abandon our nuclear intention. That is not the way that world works and he knows and I know that the realistic decision, and nothing but respect for those who wish the world could be free of nuclear weapons. But with so much dissent within labour many wondered why the government pushed for a decision now. Perhaps the shrewd and the reason I say that's absurd obviously we have to take the advice of the experts the director general who's in charge of this and the military defense and the other experts who say it's a 17 year programme. It has to be begin now if we want to maintain the nuclear deterrent. We have to take it now. Britain may agonize over its position in the world nuclear club it's certainly not one of the heaviest hitters. One look at the figures you'd think we were in the cold warwar. Frances nearly 500 has world's third stock pile then China, and then Israel. 45F8A2C8.JPGNow admitting to its 200 or so weapon.

The U.K has 185 for which the trident delivery system is ng but deadly arsenals.

>> There were no big marches today for the oppositions are still visible outside to stop proliferation. North Korea has agreed to abandon it's development of nuclear weapons in return for more foreign aid. The head of the IAEA was in and progress. He's long argued that the big powers should lead by example. The number one danger facing today and that's the threat of proliferation of nuclear weapons the continuing existence of thousands of nuclear weapons and the prospect of nuclear activity.

>> The British government says it's precisely country like Iran which make a nuclear deterrence necessary be and protect us from today's threats. Rogue states or terrorists? Needs to spend 25 milliion dollars for unkown future threat in which it's not clear which deterrence will hold. The today britain decided to remain a nuclear power but the debate won't go. Belurks the questions. Do nuclear weapons make the world safer or more dangerous. Would britain ever use them and is the price worth paying? The vote as compwru nighted security council is meeting in new york to sanctions against arraign following their failure to stop enriching uranium. What sort of frern sanctions are we talking about now. 45F8A34E.JPG

>> What we're talking are

iran anuclear weapons programme. That's what western countries it's trying to do. Iran says that nuclear programme so that it generate electricity. The kind of ms among the five members of the scoubl and germany. They hasn't been toe ahe draft text to the mning shortly the thought of measure are trying to agree thato sell any arms. Not to certain kinds of arms to iran. There are going to be restrictions calling for countries not to lend money to iran although that's not going to be compulsory. Strong language couldn't be agreed on that the main disagreement they're having that financial institutions without iran thought to be associated with iran's nuclear weapons programme so that they can asset free. That's causing a lot of disagreement china has you can't do that because banks are involved in all sort of the other transactions as well. 45F8A395.JPG

>> Are we saying the same old programme getting china and russia to sign up what the other countries want. That's been the issue as we've gone down this road

>> That's part of the problem to be fair there was a proposal in here about tees. Taxpayer breaks that trade with iran. That's been dropped because the european countries particularly germany didn't want to do they didn't want to damage their companies that do trade with iran. So it's not apl yes china and russia trade extensively with iran. They don't want to do anything that which is go jeopardize the stability of the country and punish the iranian people. They're hoping this will go through quickly. That seems to be slipping. 45F8A3CF.JPG

>> Thank y.Ia d allegations it's decision to delay the supply of nuclear fuel to iran is politically motivated. The head of russia nuclear agend purely financial. The iran's reactor is being felt built byeck since january. Iran and has a-are boeing to international pressure. S frozen prime minister hariri.

>> President bush has wrapped it's latin-american tour with his mexican counterpart calderon. Talks focused on om trade. Hundreds of proceedtesters rioted outside the reporting in city. Zimbabwe's that the severe beating he suffered at the hands of the security serves will and tussle and tsvangira madet ta thip 45F8A43D.JPG

>> Tear gas on the horizon. The telltale sign of a regime in trouble. It was harare last sunday. The bbc has obtained these images of the police crackdown when to holdpo I was subject to a lot of beatings it was random beatings but I think they're trying as much as ty


g bloody blows on the knees and on the back. Several body blows were done on my body.


>> And here is the anguish in the home of a man called an opposition activist shot dead on sunday. This married father of threee down w peon those who this man was one of two injured. Of those pushing for raw gem change insist they won't give up. Whatever the dangers they face. Today the government hadthem. I've bee william the day at his bedside. 45F8A4BC.JPG

>> His tsvangira is in terrible condition. We believe he's out of danger. We were waiting at the medical centre on suspected crack on his skull which doctors are saying not take any chances on that. He took two pints of blood in his system and the doctors were as of that we could the chance are good.

>> The president that mdc will pay a high price for inciting violence against his government. Are you worried there will be further repression on the way.

>> Well, normally the raw gems in well documented worldwide. They say that. Tsvangira knew that the expression of the people. He's a symbol. Mr. Tsvangira but that the people in the streets are ordinary people who're dying to express themselves that will. Mr. Tsvangira simply represents that national sentiment. 45F8A51F.JPG

>> We'll have market and full in 25 minutes. With our canadian in a chicago courtroom.

>> It is quite a tale. One of the media most colourful characters spending the rest of his life in jail. Lord black goes on trial he faces 14 charges of fraud and racketeering for. Media for was head of the newspaper group which uk's telegraph for chicago sun times. Now the volatile session on this wednesday. Fears to slow down in U.S. Take hold. They actually after an initial bit rebounded in the U.S. Comes a few weeks after the last sharp global drop on february 26th. We'll get a live update in new york. This is world news from bbc world news. The house of commons here in london has government to update I think trident nuclear weapons system. Obviously tony blair has put an awful lot of effort into getting this through. Bearing in mind of his own defense secretary there is no current threat to britain. 45F8A571.JPG

>> Tony blair has always argues you need to take the decision now because designing those kind of nuclear submarines takes a very long time. He says he has to make the decision now to do that before you can later down the line be covered with some some kind of deterrent. But as you say it's a lot of prime minister he's about to leave office in the next few months. Because if you look at the break down of those votes in the house of commons a couple of hours ago you can see 95 of his own party rebelled against him and that includes even a former home secretary charles clark. So this has been very bruising experience for mr. Blair all the more so because he survived because he had the help of the main opposition party the conservatives and now particularly pleased with themselves tonight. Were mp's about any message that might send to the rest of world when britain trying to telling other countries not to go down that road 45F8A5B3.JPG

>> That was a constant theme in the debate today. There were lots of rebels that telling other countries they can't acquire nuclear weapons if we are ourselves are upgrading and replacing our own. But the ministers have this reply. They said it would be naive to assume if britains of die vested of nuclear weapons other countries would follow suit.Vested of nuclear weapons other countries would follow suit. Thank you very much indeed. Now what news is grabbing your a-attention to bbc web site. These are the top 10 stories. The death of the gariette hunt store of the aueventual juries. Age 65. He played the role of mike gambit. And another much story american scientists studying saturn that compelling that planet's titan has large seas filled with liquid compwas. Hospitals in london have currently banned cell phones have no reason to do so. More detail analysis on all of the news bbc world news bbcnews.Com. This is world news today from B. Plus po lunds plays tribute to the heroine to. 45F8A612.JPG

>> The trial has begun in southern france of a doctor and nurse charged with killing a terminally cancer patient. The charges are from for murder they maintain it was an act of mercy. Case is fueled for debate you're youth anywaysnasanyways compwrau in france. They push for a law for euthanasia if they win.

>> On trial for poisoning a terminally patient. An act of compassion say the defendants. But the law insists it's murder. The couple of are accused of 65-year-old paulette with a lethal injection. She was dying of cancer in hospital. The two women defended their actions explaining it's administered the drugs out of respect for a dying woman's dignity. 45F8A648.JPG

>> I cannot identify what we did as an act of poisoning. It was nothing of the sort. It was an act for our patient an act of love and compassion.

>> Outside the court several supporters gathered demand the doctor and nurse be acquitted. Many believe that the law should be changed here to allow medical staff to help terminally ill patients to die. Dead woman is among those who're sure that couple acted out of kindness.

>> Basically they should be acquitted. That's all they deserve. They're only doing their job.

>> Presidential candidates have taken up the cause. Rial socialist party has called for steps to insure legislation for euthanasia. And centre right has that there must be limits how much suffering that a human being can be expected to endure. 45F8A683.JPG

>> Verdict on the case is expected on friday. If they're found guilty the doctor and nurse face up to 30 years in jail. You're with b and this is word news today. Of the main news this hour the british members of parliament have approved a plan to update the country's trident nuclear weapons system. She saved 2 and a half thousand jewish children smuggling out ride nor the nose of nazi. Today the bravery of sand row vau was 97-year-old was honoured today. She refused to divulge her activities. The chief rabbi is and he's met what made her do something so heroic.

>> I I've met her several times and she is simply a hero. She is what the human being is supposed to be. 45F8A6CD.JPG

>> What made do what she did take the risks she does

>> Really what she learned from her parents which is a tremendous lesson for all of us the responsibility we have in what we teach our own children. She simply her parents particularly her father interacted with others with no hatred with no by. Bias.

>> The children that she save that she went in and out of the ghetto each time to take a child. So that's approximately 2,500 times that she risked her life each time leaving the ghetto. She had gotten herself official permission to work in the ghetto as a social worker. Nobody wanted the job. The nazi they wanted to social worker there. She was able to enter the ghetto legally. Clearly it was not illegal it was the death penalty when she took the children out if she was ever caught. How could she take it. Small infants in bags, and I know one woman who's alive in warsaw that was smug you had out in a crailt of bricks with the middle empty with a hole for oxygen. Four or five were said to have cling to her legs she would wear a loose skirt. This is a brave woman. This is a clever woman. This is a woman where the many other people end up i would put myself in that category would just say I can't do anything. She just wouldn't take it's impossible for an answer. 45F8A745.JPG

>> What an amazing. The monk who played a key role in the khmer rouge. He lived in exile of the khmer rouge for or executed. He was one the first monks to return after the overthrow of pole pot.

>> Surprise surprise australia has won their world cup title. And a really pounding spearheaded that the total 334 for 6. For 3 for 14. Despite 51 from colin smith. They were 114 leaving the easy wins by 203 run. In the day 2003 semifinal iced kenya voting them for 199 after winning the toss and putting them out scp kenya with 3 wickets down.

>> Futbol and for of the court finals of this season. After meeting the french side lost in wednesday's early match. They pulled back from a 2-2-1 deficit to win 3-1. Two key games in as ta villa perhaps for significance is chelsea's manchester. If chelsea do win it would signal the pearce's as city manager and move the londoners leader of manchester united. 45F8A7B6.JPG

>> Thank you very much indeed. Plus britain decision to upgrade it's nuclear arsenal. We'll look at the pros a cons. <


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