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February 26, 2007
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Headline News of February 26, 2007
US doctors treating an Afghan civilian caught in the blast (Picture courtesy: US Air Force)
Nine people die in a suicide attack in Afghanistan which the Taleban say targeted US Vice-President Dick Cheney.

India's governing Congress Party suffers a setback in state elections in Punjab and Uttaranchal.
The ambassadors of Italy and the US are slightly injured as they are caught up in a mortar attack in Sri Lanka.

BBC news transcript with photos
Transcript in the news of February 26, 2007

Serbia clear out the direct responsibility for the genocide in Bosnia. Claims in Iraq, meetings in Washington. And battle in Afghanistan as hundreds more soldiers prepare to deploy.

>> Firing in on those Taliban positions so there with withdrawal safely.

>> I'm Kathy Kay.

>> And I'm Alistair Yates. Also in the programme for you, the fight against terrorism on the day America's vice president and Britain's foreign minister visit the region.  We have special reports from Pakistan.

>> Could you double check the envelope. It's checked and he won the Academy award.

>> Not directly responsible for the genocide in Bosnian War. This was the first time a state was charged with genocide and could have further implications for future genocide suits.

>> Survivors of the genocide at Srebrenica were more than disappointed with the historic decision. In its application to the courts in 1993 about combos nah said it must not turn it's eyes away from Srebrenica. They ruled Belgrade was not responsible for the state policy of genocide during the Bosnian war. 45E38331.JPG

>> More that the respondant exercised control.

>> Belgrade argued it had nothing to do with Bosnia's internal conflict. But the judge has established that genocide took place at Srebrenica needs r and blamed Servia for failing to stop it. The ruling said Serbia had violated its international obligations and refused to turn over ratko mladic and Slobodan Milosevic. They are both believed to be hiding in Serbia. In a reaction from the country that brought the claim, a Bosnian Muslim member of Bosnian's presidency said he was happy that Serbia was found guilty of violating the genocide convention.

>> We are still digging the graves and finding a lot of dead people there.  That is true. I think we all know who is the guilty party. That is Serbia. Unfortunately this is what happens. Serbia was found guilty on three counts of failure to prevent genocide from being the most important one of them. 45E38388.JPG

>> For Belgrade's legal team, court decision was a victory. This is the first time a state has been judged over genocide. That Serbia has been cleared of a state policy of genocide has big implications of other cases on whether states or individuals can be held responsibility for the most serious war crimes. But breaching the genocide convention and not handing over the top fugitives is something Serbia will have to defend in its push to join the European Union.

>> American troops in Iraq say they seized a significant amount of weapons they say came from Iran. Last week we were posted on America's planning of military action against Iran. Paul Woods reports on the evidence that America is boosting up its presence in the region. 45E383C5.JPG

>> The latest fall of roadside bomb is seized in Iraq. More and more they're hearing from the U.S. Military that Iran is behind these sophisticated and deadly devices.

>> The physical construction of the mortar or rocket stuff labels identify country of origin.

>> Alongside such claims, a buildup of American forces is taking place. Air refueling planes have been seen.

>> I can't help think they're demonstrating their military capability. They say there are no plans but plans can change overnight and we heard that targeting is ready and that is true.

>> Is this just sabre rattling? The increase of tankers does not mean war is imminent but Kuwait is getting patriot missiles, supposedly to defend against Iranian attack and an amphibious vehicle has been sent to the region. 45E3841E.JPG

>> I don't believe that a decision has been made, but all of these elements are being put in place. The United States is not itching to go to war with Iran but that does not mean they'll tolerate the nuclear power.

>> At the same time a decision has been made a number of months ago in Washington that the United States is not going to put up with a nuclear armed Iran. At the end of the day if it has to come to blow, then it will come to blows.

>> You can only rattle the sabre so many times before you have to use it. As this buildup continues, the risk is that it could turn into a real war. Now we go to Alistair in London and the lucky escape in Iraq. 45E3847D.JPG

>> There was a lucky escape for a vice president. He emerged only slightly injured after a bombing inside a government ministry inside Baghdad as he was visiting. The explosion killed at least five people. One of the Palestinian leaders is in Russia to talk about middle east negotiations. We are getting some more information to us at the moment. A British immigration court has rejected the application to not extradite him to his home country. The French candidate has been taking questions from the public on a TV programme trying to get his campaign back on track. The latest polls show that the popularity was boosted by her TV appearance last week but still puts Nicholas Sarcosi ahead. He is U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and the British foreign secretary have been in Pakistan. Cheney asked president pervez musharraf to do more to stop Taliban militants entering Pakistan from Afghanistan from Pakistani territory. Mark Houston has been to Islam Islamabad to report. 45E3850F.JPG

>> Hundreds of millions, Britain hopes. Almost every recent terror plot in terrorism has links to Pakistan. Radical clergies defy any compliance. Girls from the Islamic school has occupied a state library while their brothers are fighting. At this time they're trying to reform Islamic schools any outside attempts to interfere have been resolutely resisted. Thee have been forced into humiliating wide turns. Now a government minister has been filmed on his knees helping rebuild you it rebuild it. 

>> How come we in the west are sure you are going to get tough but then we see the girls sit in the library and you are helping. 45E38571.JPG

>> Any confrontation will lead to some killing or... that it will have some backlash.

>> Reluctance to use force does not mean that Pakistan is not serious about routing out extremism. But some of the Islamic schools they say are being used to train terrorists, something the Pakistani government denies.

>> The Pakistani authorities have switched tactics in trying to reform. Instead of threatening them, the government is wooing them and after five years of failure, the signs are they are making some head way. It comes from Britain. There will be a madrassa inspection board and have certified teachers making sure that militancy and sectarianism is cut from the curriculum. 45E385B8.JPG

>> We will try to do our best. Pakistan is a front line. And it is suffering. .

>> Pakistan is hoping British style burocracy if I and significant aid will squeeze out extremism. The challenge is to do it without driving a wedge between Islamic and state authorities. .

>> Stay with bbc world. Still to come in the programme, gunmen in Saudi Arabia killed at least three French nationalists. It's a setbook for the Saudi government that seems to have terrorists under control. A look at the business news from New York. .

>> $45 billion from the company on the markets. The numbers are just ahead. Not exciting. That's how energy companies are traditionally seen. But a group report for $45 billion. This is a merger of its kind 45E38613.JPG

Starbucks is losing it's charms charm. But they are going to continue to plans to double the number of shops. Oscar night may be over. Last year's most successful movie in terms of U.S. revenues was "Pirates of the Caribbean." It was $423 million. It only got one Oscar for visual effects. Something that can't be said of every Hollywood studio. ...Produced but only generated $60 million in revenues. A special award. Back to the markets now. Pushing up the numbers and couldn't quite hold on and the dow and NASDAQ finished down. The European markets had a fairly good session on the whole.

>> This is bbc world. A quick reminder of our headlines here. Serbia is cleared of direct responsibility for the genocide in Bosnia but the highest U.N. court said it should have done more to stop the genocide. And the Americans said they have seized a cache of weapons. Three French citizens opened fire on a group ever tourists near the popular historical site. Also they were travelling to the holy city of Mecca. The French president Jacques Chirac condemned this but there were no claims of responsibility. 45E3868F.JPG

>> He is in Saudi Arabia where the government instituted its last crackdown on insurgents. It seems they've conducted a successful heart and mind campaign.

>> I think if you compare the number of terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia since 2003.

>> Is it your understanding that this is a terrorist attack or that this is an attack against Westerners in a different sort?

>> It pretty clear it is a terrorist attack.

>> By an organized group?

>> There are reasons to believe it is the al kada branch in Saudi Arabia. They have been very active and posted on the web a number of weeks ago. So it feems relatively sophisticated. I don't think it is just a random act of violence. I think there is no question that there is likely to be movement across the border. There is no question that that is part of it but it is unrealistic to think that any government can wipe out terrorism completely. So there certainly has been a degrading of al Qaeda's capability in the last couple of years but we are likely to see incidents like this however tragic in the future. 45E386F9.JPG

>> Thank you very much for joining us. Stay with us bbc world. Still to come in this programme. Six-time Scorsese at the Oscars. .


>> The worst floods to hit Bolivia for a quarter of a century have killed at least 35 people. The flooding has hit most scenarios of the south American country. The Bolivian government is putting the blame firmly on climate change.

>> This isn't a river. It's an avenue. The main thorough flair over run authorize thoroughfare overrun with flood water, forcing people to life their homes carrying whatever possessions they can. Hundreds of people have already abandoned their properties while others have taken refuge in hospitals and schools. The city surrounded by a roadway which acts as a dyke to protect it from rising parties. Officials are afraid it may spill over considering to evacuate the entire city of 90,000 people. Some just don't want to leave for fear they'll be robbed. Others wonder if a tent or standing out in the rain is any better than the home they're familiar with. In the capital of, Trinidad is only one of the nations that has been left untouched. Bolivia is the latest nation to register the worst weather in derk aids. And they say it is global warming plays havoc with sea levels and temperatures. In the United Nations has called for international help for 45E38768.JPGBolivia. Several countries have responded including the U.S., Italy, Argentina and Peru.

>> Here in Britain, several hundred British troops are to be sent to Afghanistan. That will bring the total deployment to 7,500 which is bigger than the U.K. force in Iraq. Most will be in the southern province of Hellmand.

>> An unlikely landscape for war. But like the Russians before them, British forces have to fight hand-to-hand just to capture this hill with a view. On a stretch of water far up the river, it's more than just territory. The electricity it generates has the power to win over people and take a lot of convincing. Not surprising as the fighting is destroying their homes and killing their relatives.

>> Every day British troops are clashing with an almost a guerrilla war in towns and villages house to house. .

>> The British troops try to withdraw and came under heavy fire. But in here in the position, firing to the Taliban position trying to get them to withdraw safely.

>> It was dividing the security to development work. And this is their big hope in Helmand. Jobs were part of the project and a new road. It will improve people's lives. But until the area is safe, the development just won't come. So the marines have to keep pushing out and forcing the Taliban back. It's a big test. Afghanistan's problems are many, and it will take a long time to resolve.

>> Plenty of big names at the Oscar doing plenty of big awards. The best actour went to forest Whitaker but martin core say see's film "the Lion" took the biggest share.

>> Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "the Queen."

>> Thank you.

>> It was her night, her party and it will all come together when she meets the real queen at Buckingham Palace.

>> What went through your mind.

>> He stood up to kiss me and I said no, it's not... and it was.

>> The Oscar is of course about fashion as film. Seen by millions around the world.

>> And the Oscar goes to Martin Scorsese. 45E3886F.JPG

>> It wouldn't have been the Oscars without Martin Scorsese going home disappointed.

>> After thirty years of waiting, he was finally named the director of best picture.

>> Thank you. Could you double check the envelope?

>> It was a night in which the academy, it was also a night when some familiar faces finally got the recognition many people they richly deserve. .

>> And before we go, a look at our main story again. Bosnian Bosnian Muslim leaders say they're disappointed for the ruling in the Hague the Muslim member of the country's presidency called the ruling incomplete. They had been found guilty of failing to prevent the genoside and have to accept responsibility for that. This is bbc world news in Washington. I'm Kathy Kay. 45E388BA.JPG

>> And from London, I'm Alistair Yates. Thank you very <

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