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January 5, 2007
Headline News on January 5, 2007
Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Democrats take control of the US Congress, with a woman at the helm of the House for the first time.

China's Margaret Chan starts work as head of the WHO, warning that bird flu remains a global threat.
Parents of a severely disabled US girl defend treatment to stunt her growth, saying it will give her a better life.
January 3, 2007
Headline News on January 3, 2007
Saddam Hussein
Iraq's former leader Saddam Hussein says his execution will be a "sacrifice" for Iraq, in a letter written from prison.

A state funeral is announced for former US President Gerald Ford, with services starting in California on Friday.
The US says it plans to list polar bears as a threatened species because of declining Arctic ice levels.
January 2, 2007
Headline News on January 2, 2007
Saddam Hussein in court (file picture)
Iraq launches an inquiry into unofficial mobile phone footage showing Saddam Hussein's execution.

Ethiopian troops will stay on in Somalia to ensure stability after the defeat of Islamist militias, but splits emerge.
Indonesia's transport minister denies reports the wreckage of a plane carrying 102 people has been found on Sulawesi.
January 1, 2007
Headline News of January 1, 2007
Somali government soldier
Somali Islamists flee their last major stronghold as Ethiopian-backed government troops claim the port of Kismayo.

Bulgaria and Romania celebrate their entry into the European Union, 17 years after the fall of Communism.
Saddam Hussein watered weeds and saved bread for birds during his captivity, a US army nurse says.
December 30, 2006
Headline News on December 30, 2006
Saddam Hussein
Final arrangements are being made for the execution of Saddam Hussein, which now appears imminent.

Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohamad Ghedi enters Mogadishu, a day after Islamist fighters fled the city.
South Korea's defence ministry says the North has become a "serious threat", in the wake of its nuclear test.


December 29, 2006
Headline News on December 29, 2006
Somali government soldiers on their truck in Bur Haqaba
Somali government troops march into parts of Mogadishu, hours after Islamist forces flee the city.

US food authorities say food from cloned animals is safe to eat, paving the way for its eventual sale in shops.
Several hundred fans sing one of James Brown's signature tunes as his coffin arrives at Harlem's Apollo theatre.
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Transcript of BBC News on Video (In the News of January 5, 2007)

>> Welcome to capitol hill we start here in the united states where the democratic party is hailing a new era after taking control of congress after 12 years. A woman ploe see is the new speaker of the house of re79 tifs. Our correspondent matt friday reports from washington

>> The montano mental the soaring rhetoric washington rises to occasion.

>> Inside congress sums things are different. After 12 years in the wilderness the democrats are back in power. Hollywood is back in the visitors tony bennett on the left.

>> On the floor below a veritable kindergartner guerinkindergartner.

>> Oh, yes the glamourous grammy happens to be the show of this show. Pelosi now two heart beats from the presidency. Born to money, married to more than of this san francisco democrat wasted no time in challenging the man in the white house.

>> It is the responsibility of the president to articulate a new plan for iraq that makes a clear to the iraqis that they must defend their own streets and their own security.

>> A plan that makes promotes stability in the region and a plan that allows us to responsibly redeploy our troops.

>> From the margins her republican predecessor looked on glumly. So the power is re-arranged. Democrats are moving in their boxes and trays overflowing for the thirst of power for highly ambitious agenda. Tackle climate change. Ask tough questions on iraq. No wonder the president reached out to them for how long.

>> We've been entrusted with public office in a momentous time in our nation's history. Together we have important things to do. It's time to set aside politics and focus on the future

>> On capitol hill we theater cull. Theatrical. 4 palestinians have been killed in about 20 wounds in israelis raid on the west bank town of ramala. Triggering clashes with palestinian militants. Israel that four palestinians were detained. All prime minister ohmert held talks with the egyptian president. Israelis troops and gunman exchanged in the centre of ramala thursday in what the israelis defense force a routine arrest activity.

>> But the scale and timing of the operation appear anything but routine. While attacks in gaza has been a regular occurrence. Incursions are rarely seen here. The raid also coincide with israelis prime minister ohmert's visit to egypt for talk with the president on restarting the middle east peace process.

>> The operation today was aimed at catching a terrorist that killed israelis and during the action shots were fired on the israelis soldiers. If innocent people were hurt that was not our intention. We call an all countries in the region to work harder to achieve peace.

>> Calling to palestinians sources israelis forces entered ramala open air vegetable market to arrest people. When they are troops became trapped the army sent in reenforcements. All bulldozers were used to clear cars off the streets. Gun ships were also involved. A number of palestinians during the raid and many more injured have been taken to hospital. The israelis say four wanted men are now under arrest. Michael voss, bbc news

>> Let's cross over to our washington studio. European union policy chief. He held talks with the american secretary of state rice. Thank you so much for joining us on a day. When you've been holding talks with rice. We've had violence between israelis and palestinians. It doesn't look like there's much optimism for moving towards on the peace process.

>> Well I think that regardless what has happened today which is lamented. I think that without using optimism with a capital o I think there is progress being made. The fact that they're going to continue meeting and the fact that probably some of the kind of political process may start. Today they said that president ohmert has received prime minister ohmert. I think dynamic is probably be in motion. Now when we have to do is first maintain with all of the efforts this is cease-fire, and do the utmost not to commit mistakes

>> One of keys for it seems both here in washington and in captains in europe is that there's a need to support abbas. That's what you are corn ring for. This raid in west bank it undermines him.

>> I said in the very beginning that lament that taking place. It's not admitted. What we need now is fear that was created between the prime minister and the president of the palestinian. Not maintain a climate, theoretically but put in practice. There are commitment that are taken in that meeting of lifting some of the points number of important points, and acting in a more efficient manner on the accents and the muse lum for the people of the palestinians which have two signs which the palestinians have been asking for a long time. This is only the beginning. If that is the end there would be be anything. This is the beginning. What has to follow is the beginning of the political process teen the palestinians and israelis.

>> Mr. Solano you're in washington on historic day we have the democrats taking power here on capitol hill. Relations between europe and america on foreign policy issues haven't been easy over the last few years. Do you expect them to improve

>> Well the relations between the european union and united states have been good. We had a problem that we maintained with these the policy vaes avau iraq. But the rest of issues we try to cooperate as much as possible and we have in somalia and many other places. It's true that the in congress like the beginning of a new page. Now, as you know that the democratic country like the united states in division of power is an reality. It's continued to have powers and congress has the responsibilities but it division. Let's see how it works. But in any continue utmost to cooperate. We have very difficult problems we're fees you facing but we hope to work well together.

>> First let's go to mike in london. Extraordinary allegations on iran's role in iraq.

>> This is curious, and curious. Ever since that islamic revolution over 32 the shaw in iran. They key strategic to knut lies their arab rivals in iraq. They told the bbc. Iranian actively trying to

the very top levels of the iraqi government. Key to this the recent of the iranian agents senior ones in baghdad and all raising the question has president bush policy helped created of the evil he warned about.

>> Reports are saying that president bush is expected to nominate as the U.S. Ambassador to the united nations. He is currently the ambassador to iraq. He's served as ambassador to afghanistan. Among that the country's bloodless cuoe. The army remains in sign. There is no sign of new alecss. He endorses the coue. He's by thethe. Weather experts in britain that world is experience the warmest year on record. Think see the temperatures will ted by many factors including solar effects consequence asian of green gas gases and the weather system el nino.

Transcript of BBC News on Video (In the News of January 3, 2007)

>> This is bbc world. I'm kathy kay in washington will no escape from somalia. They seal their borders to refugees and al qaeda suspects leaving by sea. Bra skill itself end sending the army into rio de janeiro to tackle soaring gang crime.

>> Welcome produce london. I'm alistair yates. In search of a better life. A special report from senegal on life in africa. Kebia kenya has closed its border in somalia for security reservations. Meanwhile U.S. Naval vessels have been deployed off the coast of somalia to try to block the escape of islamist militants.

>> Our military has a task force baseded out of the horn of africa. One of their missions is to ensure that individuals involved in terrorist activities can't transit through that area.

>> State department spokesman sean mccormack and michael voss reports on the efforts to bring calm back to somalia.

>> For the moment, the fighting is over and the streets of mogadishu are bustling with people, hoping this is not the call before another storm. Their rule involved strict law. This included banning the wide anything use which can be seen openly on sale around the capital.

>> We are not interested with politics of those defeated or those in powered today. Ethiopians and somalis, as long is they don't interfere in this trade.

>> Another sign of changing tiles. Police in uniform trying to keep law and order. This is something that hasn't been seen in mogadishu for decades. For the moment though, the police are not venturing much outside their barracks. The capital remains awash with weapons. Calls for civilians to hand them in have had little impact.

>> The biggest problem is carrying guns. We haven't started our work but god willing we will soon.

>> And diplomats were brought together Wednesday, talk of an international peacekeeping mission, possibly involving the african union. This will be take especially up in a wider meeting in the capital nairobi.

>> There is a situation which is dramatic in the sense and a chance to have reconciliation brought forward. There is no evidence that the government has harmed any civilian. We do not think that there is any justification for anybody saying they have to run away from the government.

>> Reports of slachlislamists militants fighting along the kenyan border. The crisis appears far from over. Michael voss, bbc news.

>> Military police have been called into rio de janeiro in brazil where gang violence has killed 19 people in the past week. The local governor has asked for special security forces to help crackdown on the fighting. Tim hirsch joins us from san paolo. What triggered this outburst of violence.

>> That is being debated.

>> It was either a response to the clamp down of the prison regime, the gang leaders who are in prison or the reaction to the use of unofficial militia using former former either acting police or fire brigade personnel going up to the fivellas and acting as air private protection racket where they demand payments from the residents. For whatever reason, this particularly wave of attacks has caused huge consternation and it happened to coincide with the reelection or naug of president lula's second term and the arrival of a newly elected governor of rio de janeiro.

>> It doesn't seem that the underlying reasons have been resolved at all. Two elements to the steps being taken now, one is simply a matter of ordering the very large number of federal armed forces who are, some any case based in rio out of the barracks to stop police erts on the street and the other is bringing in special forces to patrol the borders to try to crack down and whether that is more than a demonstration, this is being taky seriously and whether it will have a real impact on the leadup to the carnival next month the we'll have to wait and see. You have the latest on the hanging of saddam hussein, alistair.

>> I do. A united states military in iraq said it would have handled the execution of saddam hussein differently had it been involved. Comments from the american january came as there were signs of april official delegation. It has challenged the president's credibility and. Jop simpson is in baghdad and this report cop tans some graphic images.

>> The whole thing has been a complete unmitigated disaster for the iraqi government but only because these pictures leaked out. Three or four years ago before the camera phone, we would have had only the official version. And assuming control of him but he was still dignified towards us and we had nothing to do with any of the procedures or control mechanism produces 459 poit forth forth.

>> The prime minister who signed the death warrant last friday said things came close to breaking. He won't seek another term in power and he would like to give up soon he only took the job because he thought it was in the national interest. The whole business has failed to do anything any good and all because the pictures were leaked. We are told tonight a security guard has been arrested but it is thought two senior government officials have mobile phones at the execution but why either would want to do damage to their own side isn't clooer. Maybe no one knew how bad it would look. The ba'athists are naming a predecessor. The spokesman for him said saturday's attack was unexpected and called for an explanation.

>> Still to come, how plastic electronics could slash the price of microchips and make a whole new world possible. Let's get the business news now from new york. The boss of home depot reports bought off for $hub million. After top fs executive stepped down. A payoff of $210 million. He was oufrted this Wednesday after six years as the boss of home depot, the world eats biggest home improvement. He was under fire from investors investors. The the company's payoff policy is under investigation. As succeeded by frank blake. The pay yourt has reignited the row over executive pay.

>> When compensation is not conformed in a rational way, investors are saying enough is enough. Pee want to see some type of reform in place to restrain and contain this excess.

>> And disastrous year for america's big car makers. Jep motors fell a heft pshtd 9% and ford was down 13% and daimlerchrysler fell by 1%. Meanwhile president bush has stressed his aim balancing the U.S. Budget in the coming months. The markets were up quite sharply. Fresh details of prisoners being abused at the american detention facility in guantanamo bay in cuba. New documents released by the F.B.I. Reveal more two dozen incidents of mistreatment had happened with detainees chained to the floor by their hands and feet and reports of detainees kept away for days with strobe lighting and music. Your documents force the release of information about the prisoners

>> They provide fresh details of the systematic abuse that happened there.

>> There was of course a huge debate in the united states and in congress last year. Have you any indication of the timing of these allegations whether they predate the debate or whether they're still happening, the allegations of abuse in ? .

>> The documents were generated in mid-2004 after the abu ghraib scandal broke but the documents date back to 2002 and 2003 prior to the abu ghraib scandal breaking.

>> You don't have any indication of whether the kind of abuse that the F.B.I. Is reporting on now is still happening at the moment? .

>> Nothing was done to the abuse that the F.B.I. Agents saw and in fact turned a blind eye to what was going on in guantanamo bay. And there were accounts given about prisoner abuse but the F.B.I. Chose thought to investigate or interview agents who observed defense department policies in practice. So the documents call into question why nothing was done about abusive interrogation practices that were being employed by the defense department and they only underscore the need for an independent investigation into who was ultimately accountable for the widespread abuse of prisoners, not just in guantanamo bay but also in iraq and afghanistan.

>> Of course it was during this period that president bush said repeatedly that america does not torture, and that it treats its prisoners humanely. This evidence from the F.B.I. Appear to refute that.

>> Slurtly. It does refute the claims and i would add that the significance of this, these documents is that they are accounts government agents which cannot be discounted or dismissed and must be taken sear yugsly. There is aurgent need for, not just these abuse but across guantanamo bay, iraq and afghanistan. I would also like to add that these document provide further confirmation of the involvement of secretary rumsfeld and major-general jeffrey miller, who are mentioned in the documents as authorizinging coercive techniques the why has there not been anything done to hold these people accountable in why has there not been an independent inquiry? Victims must victimshank you very much for joining us there from new york. You're watching bbc world. A quick look at the headlines here. No escape from somalia as kenya seals its borders and soaring gang crime in rio de janeiro et could slash the price of goods and lead to intelligent products products. It's thanks to british inventours who have skushd $100 million to make plastic components instead of the usual silicon silicon. .

>> Sill cop chip beats at the hearts of our strong lives but may now be under threat. From a small lab in cambridge could be shaking the next industrial evolution. Every electronic book you can bend: Instead of sill cop, they're plastic.

>> This is a flexible display that can hold and upyou had S.

>> Plastic electronics are cheaper and lighter be be thill zone and they may take over. Everybody is excited to change the world. In ten to 20 years times, every col poen interest that you have could be creating even opportunities thought first plastic delays: Then take medicine, for example, the labels on the bottles telling you when to take it or on food pamging where the price is ajusted by remote control. Beyond that, massplastic sensors woven into your hair and 20 or 20 years al gore they can even if it inside contook the lenses and beam the internet straight to you. Silicon transformed our world but plastic could take it further. We could have cushions where-- we could have sofas where the cushions cushions. The curtains, for example, could gloi certain colours when somebody you know is approaching.

>> Too weird to be true? Probably not .

>> Still to come on this programme. In search of a better life. A special report on senegal, the flight from africa to spain.

>> Tuesday we reported on the american talk show host oprah winfrey who has opened a school in south africa for poor but talenteded girls. The school will be known as the oprah winfrey leadership academy for girls close to joe hapsburg and met the $40 billion cost of the school out of her own pocket. Oprah winfrey has been talking to bbc and tells us why she feels strongly.

>> Bad leadership is not just part of what is happening here indemic to south africa or the after cap continent but we hear a lot about it. The the-the-frpts r, is because of nine lack of all government particularly in regards for schools and schooling or poorbury i know that the best way to make a change, not just in a person or personality but the best way to affect change long-termings to exthoughts exposure and nurture them to understand their own power possibility.

>> When you look forward to what these girls may achieve in 20 or 30 years, what do you hope for, that they could bblg leaders of their own country.

>> I know that will happen. Some of them will go into politics, some into sigh epps, some into the arts. Somebody will be doctors and laurts. In all fields of leadership I'm looking for the opportunity to change the paradigm not only the but influence the way they think and feel. But ultimately to change a culture to what women can do.

>> In the year huge numbers of people,00 polish of them move between countries for nick kwlk in the latest series, a nation on the move, worry' following the quest of migrants setting out in search of a better life. .

>> Senegal is a country 459 lives by the

sea a sea that has provided work and food. Now they're looking for a better life. This is a poor place here, less than a pound a day. He is prepared to risk everything for work in europe.

>> It is very bad condition. A lot of poverty. Everybody who knows of somebody who has tried to get to spain. Everybody thinks it is a chance worth taking. This is how it happens. We tracked down a boat about to leave.

>> They're getting inside the boat.

>> This has never been will filmed before. Using night vision cameraed, they paid criminal gangs they equivocal ept are and then the gang saw, another disguised as fishing boats. But this is not fishing. Aopen ser you only get to know about these place by knowing the right contacts by knowing the right gangs but under cover of darkness in the head of imagine ten days at at the in this the waters of the coupanary islands. One in two don't make it but if they do make it, the gamble might work.

>> In recent months, if not, they'll get a flight to the spanish mainland here, arriving outside a camp in madrid, the latest group to survive the sea and make it to spain. Spain says this is europe's problem, the flow of people like this man who is running away from poverty.

>> Do you have any money or possessions? What do you have.

>> That is the problem. I had hoped to stay here.

>> We have nothing else.

>> From here they're simply released. No legal right to stay but no practice way making them leave. Some find work but for many this is the their economy, selling illegal C.D.Es in the street. This is not the dream. They're still on the run.

>> Now that was rich reporting there this is bbc world news. I'm kathy kay in washington.

>> From london, I'm alistair yates. Thanks for beingus. <

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