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January 29, 2007

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Headline News of January 29, 2007

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir (file photo)
Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir is again bypassed in his bid to become African Union chairman because of Darfur.

A suicide bombing at a bakery kills three people in the first such attack within Israel for nine months.
The final documentary by naturalist Steve Irwin is broadcast in his native Australia.
BBC news transcript with photos

Transcript in the news of January 29, 2007

>> The first suicide bombing in Israel since April. Three people are killed. The U.N. Secretary-general tells African leaders Darfur urgently needs more peacekeepers. 300 militants are killed in Najaf. This is bbc world. I'm lease due search. Also in the program, a bitter pill to swallow. Britain's biggest drug company is accused of misleading doctors. And welcome to Thames town. A little bit of Britain if shanghai. Welcome. A suicide bomber has killed at least three people in the southern Israeli resort of eilat. The attacker blew himself up at the popular holiday resort by the sea. It's the first attack offers kind since April of last year. 45BDFE40.JPG

>> Midmorning in the Israeli resort of eilat and terror strikehe smalligy residentiain of ac t believe it was the work of a suicide bomber who walked into the shop and exploded a device hidden in a backpack. It's first-ever attack in this red sea resort, but now the fear and coni many the past has spread to eilat. The police here are now on full alert. Roadblocks have been established around the resort.  They're assuming there could be more than one bomber still at work. A number of Palestinian groups have already said they carried out the attack, and ake hamas has defended the suicide bombing, part of a legitimate resistance against Israeli tactics, he said. But a resumption of a suicide bombing campaign will cause deep alarm. This incident comes a few days before peace negotiators are due to meet in Washington, and it could hit their efforts to get a stalled peace process moving again. Dominic hughes, bbc news. 45BDFE8A.JPG

>> Let's go Jerusalem now to join the spokesperson for Israel's prime minister. There have been some claims from some Palestinian groups. Who does Israel hold responsible?

>> We don't know at this statement. At this stage it's not clear what the origin of the attacks were. We're waiting to clarify before we make any statement on that.

>> The first attack inside Israel since April. What's your reaction?

>> The Israeli security forces work all the time against the terrorist threats, the terrorist attacks, and they're very good at preventing such attacks, which is what they need to do. In Israel we're constantly under threat. We do the most we can to be on guard all of the time and to continue to try to prevent any attacks like today anywhere in Israel. 45BDFEBE.JPG

>> Have there been any warnings at all about a possible attack in eilat?

>> NO. There were no early warnings, but as we know all the time, the terrorist organisations all over are constantly trying to attack different places in Israel and outside of Israel. Sadly that's part of our reality.

>> It's been noticeable in previous years when there were suicide bombings, the Israeli government are quick to wraim the palestinian authority, but that hasn't happened this time. Why?

>> We don't know the origin of the attack.E know tha w can state clearly rr a try to tack Israel and Israelis all the time. Until it's more clear what the origin of the attack, is we're not going to condemn anything specific. 45BDFEFA.JPG

>> When you do know the origin, is there going to be an Israeli response to it?

>> Goings too premature at this stage to try to give a reaction. He next few hours it will be more clear who did this attack and what it means for isra now. It's important to continue to feel safe, to feel we continue to make sure that isrli over are safe.

>> The spokesperson for Israel's thank you for joining us from Jerusalem. The U.N. Secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon asled for the urgent deployment of a -- African union peacekeeping force in darfur. African leaders also have to nominate a new summit for their Union. Had been promised to the Sudanese president omar al-bashir.Human rights groups say that woulbe has been reported asng i probl i he wasn't chosen. Our U.N. Correspondent laura trevelyan is in the iddis ababa.Arfur, of course, an embarrassment for the African heads of sta gathering here in addis ababa for t African union summit, and the ch called the commission of the African union, which is like the ruling executive, in his opening statement here, he said he appealed to the sudanese government to stop the attacks on Darfur. Peace in Darfur, he said, would mean peace in clad and also the central African republic. No the problem of what African heads of state are sometimes acced Darfur isg another effect. Sudan is due to be the next aiic last year that was delayed situation in Darfur made it impossible, butrensisting they want the share thefran union for the coming year. 45BDFF74.JPGBut African countries that to h. There is a closed-door meeting going on.S of state are to set compromise so another country rather than sudan will chair them U.

>> How tough will this be for Ban Ki-moon?

>> Ban Ki-moon is meet pres afternoon in face-to-face et in him down on will the sued these accept a joint African union-united nations peace process group. They said if principle that will, bu'rng over all sorts of details some Ban Ki-moon in his first diplomatic test has said there have been from the Sudanese. Is action. Somalia the other big issue for the African Union. There has been appeal for African Union country to country to e sent in to place thepians who are with 45BDFFB8.JPG

>> Fighting between rivalctn the gaza strs n three people wpo dead ornight. Palestinians in the sout gan in khan younis. The latest upsurge in violence comes despite defence by bothia and egypt toE. It began last Thursday and it's thece hamas took power a year there has been a broad welcome in northern Ireland and the irish republic for the vote by sinn fein to recognise te nort the decision by the party, widely seen as the political wingth overturns nearly 90 republicans obstacle to sinn fein sharingr ists. International criminal court in the Hague will decide today ere is dence to try congolese warlord thomas lubanga is the first person to be brought before the court. He face three charges of recruiting child soldiers. One of the world's biggest drug companies, glahk faces an accusation of fraud. In an investigation by the bbc's "panorama" progrmeit's claimed the company liberatelyoctors about the safety effectiveness of a depression drugy for children.Ecret e-mails shdow glaxosmithkline tried to spi its own clinical trials which failed to show eroxit wasafety they said: 45BE001F.JPG

>> The drug demonstrates remarkable safety in the treatment of adole deesonths earlier the company's marketing people were saying the opposite.

>> Essentially the study did fought really show it was effective in treating scentch is not something we want to publicize.Ven gravercernse expressed internally about the drugs side effect. Seems in congress that we say the drug is safe but report

seridverse events. Four years after this memo washe drug was finally banned for under 18s. The U.K. Drug regulator said it trebles the risk of suicidal tsil

>> They mod this studys remarkably effecti aafe for kids.

>> So what does tt aun in

>> Tt' that's fraud. 45BE0059.JPG

>> Glax smith coastline says it utter he rej suggestion it's improperleld drug trial information.

>> In Australia people may soon have to drink water from purified sewage because of the continuing drought. The measureni confined to the s o Queensland. The rest of australia may have to follow suiT. The sta he had scrapped a planned re the issue because he said there was no longer any climate change scientists from around the world are trying the sensus on h temperatures and sea levels w next years, and on how much of the change is due to human behaviour they're beginning a four-day meeting in paris. Their report to be issued on first on the U.N.'S intergovernmental panel on climate change since 2001. In spain marine investigatoamining a ship that's run aground off the country's south coast. The pan main panamanian registered ship has begun to leak affect the coastli which is a national park. Ti for you if you want buy an airline. Here's details from tanya. 45BE00A1.JPG

>> Over 30% of the airline. Who knows. It's a big day certainly for alitalia. May be r bidding for the airluntil the end of today to register that interest. Private equity firms lead the list of potential sto, butirlines areonspicuous by their as far. Italy's national airline is carrying a lot of debt. It'san demands of unions and the pressures of low-cost competition. Some analysts say alitalia will be able to recover onc longer in government hands.

>> If you allow a buyer, a fur to restructure the company, the a, lower the cost base in terms of employment level, and, be to restructure the company and find alliances they believe the company will benefit.

>> Alital and the uncertainty continues fo at british airwayS. Crisis tal resumrkers are due to walk out later this week in a dispute over paynk aidycancelled more than 1 flights in anticip strike. It's thought the disruption could cost the company as much as $30 million aay. And the world's number-on maker of digital cameras is experience ing a boom in demand. Canyon sales jumped more than 10% last yeaR. It's predicting a sloweruarters of canon's salesme fro japan. Sales are dwindling as the Japanese currency strengthens. 45BE010A.JPG

>> Still to come on bbc world, east.Th c build Thames town, a it of Britain in shanghai. The U.S. Presidential election may be nearly two years away, but one of the democratic lrstarted her campaign to become the country's first female president. She travelled to the pest state of iowa, the sld the first president next year.

>> After years of speculation, the "ll she-won't q already answered. She's outn it to win iT. This is first stop, iowA. Eyes will be on this placeime nexas the nation's firstcaplace. Fo restaurant in davenport, there's pretty much only one issue on the table.

>> We're trying. We're trying. We're working hard on thaT.

>> At a town-hallty conversation, there were further intie this upcoming race for a presil nomination. MrS. Clinton voted to authorise 45BE0151.JPG

but was at pains now to stress her opposition to the proposed surge of troops.D outent

>> This was his decision to goto he went with an ill-conceived plan and an incompetently executed strategy, and we sexpect h to extricate our country from this before he leaves office. Talk will no this campaign, but there were lighter moments aftera question on whether she thinks she's equipped to deal with the leaders of hostile backgrounds.

>> What in my backgrounds equips me to deal with evil and bad men?

>> Mrs. Clinton later explained she made the quip because people are always t lighten up, and with the grueling 40 months ahead stiff competition coming from the other democratic hopefuls, a im this sort of h here and there m well provide some welcome rf. News, Washington. 45BE0194.JPG

>> This is bbc world. This is the main news this hour: A suicide bomber kills threen a bakery in the Israeli resort of it's the first sudebomberring in Israel in nine months. Send the t now. The u.N. Secretary-general urges cae in Darfur. In Hungary, an outbreak of the h5n1 of bird fl h identified a European commission spokesperson said tests confirm it ied of the virus. It's first outbreak in the european union since last summer. There are no reports so far of human infection. In Taiwan, scientists say they've made a breakthrough in developi aor bird flU. The country's national health research institute says thefoa was developed after 17 months of research and is effective onmals. 45BE01C4.JPG

Humans. Scientists in taiwan hope to start producing a human vaccine byet yeaR. Bird flu has len0 peoprold since 2003. Thousands of afghan it

have gathered inosac country to mark the annu of assura. It's the holiest festival on the calendar. Shiites in countries around the world attempt t r pain that hussein suffered by beating themselves with knives and chains. More details have emerged abouttle on sunday in the iraqi city of najaf where t iraqi army fought a large f armed men. 300 fighters were killed iattle a least six iraqi soldiers and police. I skeo mike walldrij in baghdad for hi

>> The interesting thing is location of it and even more t e taking on the iraqi army and u. It no means atle for najaf really. Took place in annorth ofch at the moment ipendent way is the actual threat this of posed. We're told there were several hundred of them in that areA. We are told b tthf those who were arrested, about 13 of them it seems during the course of the battle, they said they they also said that they and other sources in najaf have said sey tried taddress the imy through sp iers of heaven a ag why the iraqi now, all of arly consistentas apocalre solved ine of va the rnte attack the current shiite clerical 45BE0241.JPGleadership in najaf.He, though, ath thismorning seemed to be suggesting

w they were a r classically insurgent group, he suggests including people of orab nationalities. Ifin the very deadly nature of this battle that took place over many hours.

>> Still to come on the programme, at long last the gallery in Madrid displays the full glories of the late last renaissance paint ore.

>> The princales, prince charles, who ithe united states, has received an award for his environmental work by thece president al gore. It was the prince's final engagent that had bed for being envinm h from new york.

--Utts from new york. 45BE0279.JPG

>> It wasn't his gam weren't his people, but some ofthren in maat seemedilled to meet the the british throne. The pning concern for y development and urban renewal. He's also tried on this trip to highlight his personal commitmebawarming, though simply coming here has s tostio his credentials.

Tell himinther means instead of using the jet fuel to jet around in to see theworld. But the heir to the thrononon . There are always convo o rse were transatlantic flights on this occasion, andne envi campaigners are asking, was it really worth it?

>> The prince of wales is a leader.

>> No doubt at the a ceremony last night, onlyibutes to the prince's work over 20 years. The prince was flattered, and he mocked those who criticised his trip. Think i must warn you really at thein am, in fact, a video recording. I have only a viral across the atlantic. 45BE02C9.JPG

>> Havin his award, prince charles urged the british government and others to war on global warming. Thed that solutions could be found pretty swiftly if the problem was takenfficiently seriously. Grew toe harry, bbc news, newrk.

>> China's biggest sh a new suburb,th town, an exclusive ged development with a difference. It has been modeled on british towns and villa we've been taking a look.

>> In shanghaI, life feels prettywded with7 million people, residents like this man ofenwaym all. She's packingags an hiding to her new weekendE. An hour's drive

newest exclusive. Welcome to thames little britain has arrived in big china. 45BE0309.JPG

>> ( Translated ): It's very quiet here. People aree here. We're some of the fir t in. The air is betteR.

R us pensionerS.

>> The high street has half buildings,le lampposts, flower beds and colbystone roads. Even a pub and right next door a fish and chips shop. They openinge soon. The architects of thames town visited towns and villages all and made exact copies of buildings and shops.

Bui are just facades. There's nothing behind them. It lends the place a very surreal air, easy to forg you're in china.He town hall where normally you found a statue of chairman mao, in thames town it's winston churchill. The englishness has proved a hit, but mainly with sightseers. With apartments starting at $100,000, few have been solD. It's also become ng pictures. 45BE0351.JPG

>> ( Translated ): I've never been to England before, but i like the British style. It's very beautiful. I'd lo t my beautiful bride there onea holiday.

>> And across the village green is a church, an exact copy of west of england right down to the stained glass. When it's finished it will be given to the chinese catholic churchestroy in the cultural revolution. It's thet ue tll of england asransported to the east.Bbc news, shanghaI.

>> Well, he's regarded as the last great renaissance artist,re hastn aho of his work in the that's about to be put right. They're lng a tin toretto exhibition today.

>> A finaloa of paint, a drill hole here, an adjustmentwo, then up it goeS. Move overgo h -- have has -- velasquez. He's sharing space gathered from all o is a rare event. Brightlyoloured, beautiful scenh heir author's confidencE. 45BE03B0.JPG

>> Ias the vy great master of the Italian renaissa he died in 1594 and with hish, some of hi rivals were already dead.

One. F drama and the clever use of light make shing the disciples' feet one of the finest religious art. And he's not without a sense of humour, as you can see in this painting. That's vul craftsman of the gods. He's checking venus for signs of infidelity. A mdy-looking self-portrait, butreto would be happy with this modern tribute to his geniuS.F b authorities have warned government and olympic officials to be on theirhaviour during the games next year. The chief of the Beijing communist party saidt officials must not be dissipated bynd should not visit places of entertainment after work.0 reporters would be co t games a every detail about life in beijing would be examined. Oh, dear, that shouldn't be arily threatening. 45BE0407.JPG

Comes to bbc you can get all our main stories

our websit bbcnews.Com. Today there's more details analysis on thede bombing in the Israeli holiday eilaT. Bbc news. <


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