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January 25, 2007
Headline News on January 25, 2007
A US marine fires a machine gun from a helicopter over Anbar province, Iraq
A US Senate panel rejects President Bush's Iraq plan, a day after he asks Congress to give it "a chance".

Israel's PM calls on President Moshe Katsav to resign over rape allegations but the president says he is innocent.
The US and France pledge $1.4bn in aid and loans ahead of a major summit in Paris to help rebuild Lebanon.
January 23, 2007
Headline News on January 23, 2007
President Bush making speech in front of US flag
The US president will warn that failure in Iraq would be "grievous" in his State of the Union address in a few hours.

Israeli President Moshe Katsav is to be charged with rape and abuse of power, the justice ministry announces.
Lebanese opposition parties say they have called off the strike which paralysed much of the country on Tuesday.
January 22, 2007
Headline News on January 22, 2007
Smoke billows over scene of Baghdad bombing
Seventy-five people are killed and 160 injured in a double bombing at a market in Baghdad, police say.

A major effort to reverse the dramatic decline in global tuna stocks gets under way in Japan.
Serbia's nationalist Radical Party has a clear lead in the country's general election, early results suggest.
January 20, 2007
Headline News on January 20, 2007
Computer-generated image of a weather satellite [photo credit: EUMETSAT® 2007]
Washington asks China to explain its intentions after Beijing reportedly carried out an arms test in space.

N Korea and the US call recent talks positive, as Washington's envoy prepares for more nuclear negotiations.
A Cambodian girl who disappeared aged eight is found after living in the jungle for 19 years, her father says.
January 19, 2007
Headline News of January 19, 2007
Smoke rises over western Baghdad
US and Iraqi troops backed by aircraft clash with Sunni fighters in the centre of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

US air strikes in Somalia are aimed at al-Qaeda leaders and based on credible intelligence, the Pentagon says.
Apple unveils its long-awaited iPhone, pledging to revolutionise the mobile phone market.
January 18, 2007
Headline News of January 18, 2007
Senators Biden (left), Hagel and Levin (right) announce their resolution
Three top US senators agree on a resolution to oppose President Bush's plan to increase Iraq troop numbers.

Israeli opposition figures call on the PM to quit after the country's military chief resigns over the Lebanon conflict.
Bolivia's central government refuses to accept a parallel government set up by protesters in Cochabamba.
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Transcript of BBC News on Video (In the News of January 25, 2007)

>> There is no strategy. This is a ping pong game with american lives. These American women we put in iraq in baghdad, in are not not, but bee better be damn sure we know what we're doing all of us before we put 22,000 more americans into the grinder.

>> The pilot seems more isolated now than he did before the state of the union address.

>> They voted against the president plan to send more troops to Iraq. It is a Monrovia binding resolution. The troops are on their way but you the sends az strock signal to the k3450e6 that he is isolate not just to the democrats but republicans were very vociferous. Even though nine republicans voted in the president's favour, when you speak to these people, they're really very negative about this plan.

>> What are they proposing as an alternative?

>> Not much really. That's the point. It's like a rabbit stuck in the headlights. Everybody is going along with it for now even though they're complaining about it. And stating they don't agree with it. But to try to cut off the funding would be suicide. The point is that there is very little confidence that this will work and even the administration itself is not saying what it was saying a few months ak we're going to stay there until the bitter end. Privately they're saying let's give this one last try and if by spring it is obvious the so-called surge has not worked, we've got to work on plan b and plan b, kathy, can only be one thing and that with is withdrawal.

>> Meanwhile, an offensive by iraqi forces in baghdad has ruraled in the death of at least 13 insurgents. There are signs of public disagreement between america and britain. Tony blair's plan to start a withdrawal of british troops from basra later this year has been question by the american ambassador of iraq. This is not ramadi but this is baghdad. The start of the push to bring in the troops.

>> We are committed to the increase of the force, the British are not committed to the increasing of the force.

>> Would you like the British to stay in the numbers they are in now?

>> Wye would like the British to stay. That would be our preference. The longer we stay together here, the better.

>> The American surge is under way with more be be 21,000 extra troops. Their commander, President Bush, says America must not fail in Iraq. The new strategy will mean a city wide crackdown working with Iraqi forces to try to stop sectarian blood letting. The surge is happening just as the U.K. is talking about scaling back its 7200 scale contingent in the south and was confident that sometime this spring, Basra could be turned over to Iraqi control. Can could mean the withdrawal of combat troops, as many as half.

>> The americans are the mefrnts americans are feeling the heat in Baghdad even before they're here.

>> Hey, everything all right?

>> Are you good?

>> I'm good, sir.

>> This was a U.S. Patrol when it was hit by a roadside bomb. Hidden inside was two dead bodies. The only thing that saved them was the latest armour on their hump vee humvees. As the U.S. Gears up for the new battle will for baghdad, there are signs that two allies may no longer be standing shoulder to shoulder. Andrew north, bbc news, baghdad.

>> I'll be back later on the in the programme and we'll have a rare interview with oscar nominee dame judi dench. First to london. Lindsay reported on the charges of rape against the israeli president and there is pressure for him to step down.

>> Pressure has moved up after the prime minister ehud olmert called on him to tender his resignation. He denied the charges against him and called on the israeli people not to believe them and is taking a leave of absence but will not resign unless formally indicted.

>> I'm not prepare to lower my head and my honour. I will fight until the end of my soul even if i will to carry out a war to profferve my innocence. I will fight to clear my name that was dirty.

>> There is now a growing call of voices asking him to step down calling for his tenure to end.

>> Under these circumstances, there is no question in my heart that the president cannot continue and fulfill his and he would have to leave the residence of the president of israel. This is a sad day for the state of israel. John kerry will not contest for the white house in the next election. He announced his plans on the senate floor. He said there isn't enough time for him to mount another presidential campaign. And the country's president has agreed to a key demand from the trades union to name a new prime minister. The president said to have made cop session with talks with union leaders to end the general strike that turned violent on monday when 30 people were killed in clashes between security forces and protestours. The protestours accused the aging president of mismanaging the committee. April auction of greek traders has started in london. Greece has said that buyers could face legal action if they find the treasures were exported illegally. International life has been returning to normal in the country after the crippling general strike by the opposition parties on tuesday and saw violent crashes in beirut between protestors and government supporters. Police say three people were killed. Matthew price has the details.

>> Reporter: In lebanon today alongside the grief there is fear. Fear that the violence that fell across this land on tuesday will return. This is a country that is well aware of how fragile things have become. With some of the worst internal violence looeshebanon has seen, more than 100 were injured. The opposition party lead by hezbollah called a strike against the general government. They fought on the street the. Today the lebanese army was on the street trying to show that it did keep control but looesh is increasingly divided and many here are convinced it cannot do that. Any violence in lebanon is bad but this week could not have come at a worse time for the government. The prime minister is in paris aimed at raising money to help rebuild looesh following last summer's war with israel. What happens to success day in the centre of beirut, a reminder that the reason behind the violence have not gone away. The opposition has been protesting outside prime minister's office for almost two months. While this continues, looesh struggles on. -- Lebanon struggles on.

>> Still to come, a report on a rare sighting on a shark that first swam the ocean

80 million years ago.

>> Ebay's fourth quarter profit rose ahead of analysts expectations even with pay pal online payment service. Empty bay users and ebay's payment system pay pal is doing good despite competition from google's rival system. And a fast food restaurant is opening 800 chains this year. Nearly half of all of them will be in asia mainly china and japan. And after his state of the union husband-the-heley peted his call to balance the badge by 2012. -- Because the market, ahead of the ebay result, a rally for the dow and the nasdaq on the back of the lower oil prices. In europe, a rebound there in share prices.

>> This is bbc world news let's get a quick look at the headlines here. A U.S. Senate panel rejects President Bush's plan a day after he asks congress to give it a chance. Yhud Olmert calls on Israel's President to end his tenure after allegations rape the and leaders in Britain have joined the roman catholic church in urging the government for turning away gay couples at adoption agencies.

>> Source are gathering for what could be a fight between church and state. In their letter, archbishops said the rights of conscience cannot be made subject to legislation however well meaning. And preferring to the possible closure of catholic adoption agencies, they said it is vitally important that the interests of vulnerable children are not relegated to a political interest the.

>> When you overlegislate and you intervene too much in people's private lives, you are going to end up with a statute used to cure all ills and it cannot and the danger thereforeingstherefore is to spin a legal spider's web in which nobody can escape. It represents a wholesale rejection of what we see as a creeping tendency to treat faith as a subject as a taboo subject. In short they're saying christians have rights, too. The traditionalist christians are going to court to challenge the law. He is claiming the right as a christian not to place children with gay adoptive children.

>> I think the children have their lives in a mesnier.

>> The former minister angela eagle will join other labour M.P.Sto give tony blair a different message.

>> If there is a question of discrimination on sexual orientation, it has to be complete. You can't have people, however sincere saying 4e ought to be allowed to...

>> Tony blair praised catholic adoption agencies, a sign that he at least would like a compromise. .

>> Its being described as a living fossil. Marine biologists have been studying the remains of a rarely seen frill shark that normally lives at depths of 600 metres.

>> In a marine park just off the coast of japan, a monster from the deep, at least 2459s what this shark looked like. A peculiar mix of giant eel and shark and that lives at depths of 600 metres. They turn up in the nets of deep sea crawlers. This one didn't survive its journey to the surface probably swept up by an unusual as many current. The smees is itself is a survivor. It's ancestors were around millions of years ak.

>> Years ago.

>> We found fossils 80 million years old. Marine biologists are making the most of this chance discovery.

>> It really does look like something from the ancient world. Still to come on this programme, in spite of oscar, the british actress actress judi dench tells us about the film she hope will win her a second little gold men.

>> Belgian police have arrested a sky diver after a woman fell 13,000 feet to her death. Her parachute has been tampered with and she died after neither chutes would open.

>> Experienced jumper, she was part of a group over an airfield. She and three other parachuteers held hands and formed a star formation. After they broke up to open their parachutes both her main and subfailed. Police arrested a woman in the group after finding out her husband had been having an affair with the woman.

>> Also the motive. We have concluded that we have enough proof of guilt to arrest her.

>> Police now suspect that her pier chute was sabotaged by the woman who also took part in the same jump as did her boyfriend. Both would have seen the the mother of two fall to her death. She denies her charges and will appear in court later this month.

>> Noisethousands of people in central peru have been made homeless by major flooding. 16 people have died in the heavy rain and mud slides. Tens thousands have been affected by heavy rainfall. The army and aid organizations have been struggling to provide food and other necessities to those who have lost their homes. It's estimated up to 4,000 people are now without their homes after the therains in peru.

>> She is one of britain's best loved actresses. James bond's boss M. Jam judi dench has taken on a tougher job playing a character that itself mine and not a itself bit mad. In a rare interview she spoke about a role that has earned her an oscar nomination.

>> First day of a new term.

>> In "notes on a scandal." Judy temperature plays a sinister school marm whose desire for the new schoolteacher is a recipe for disaster. She is less happy about the national treasure tag she seems stuck with.

>> What they said about this film is suddenly I'm playing a baddy. I played the baddy when i played lady macbeth.

>> She's the one I've waited for.

>> This year's oscarses have thrown the spotlight on older stars. Walking the red carpet does engender some anxiety.

>> I look at everybody there and by finding a miracle that i can walk in one day and i do all my face and somebody will say gosh, you're looking well.

>> I'm' not going to report you. I'm going to help you.

>> Dame judy has relisheded this role. She is at the top of her game in theatre and in film.

>> Two very nice people, they moved away... you managed very well with your comb. I've had this comb for years72 years.

>> The world's oldest person, has died at his home on the northern coast of puerto rico. Relatives said the 115-year-old died of natural causes. He was born in puerto rico when it was still a spanish colony. Nefr married and had no children. A quick reminder of our main story. American politicians have rebuked president bush of his iraq policy just hours after he asked for their help and condemned mr. Bush's plans to pour more troops into the war. This is bbc news. Thanks for joining us. <

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