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6th, Sixth Grade Math Curriculum Bundle - Lessons eBook (PDF) and Workbook (PDF) on CD (129 Lessons, 129 Worksheets, 18 Tests, Answer Keys For Homeschool or Classroom)


from: A+ Interactive Math

6th, Sixth Grade Math Curriculum Bundle - Lessons eBook (PDF) and Workbook (PDF) on CD (129 Lessons, 129 Worksheets, 18 Tests, Answer Keys For Homeschool or Classroom)

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Product Description:
The following core Math concepts are covered in the 6th Grade Math:
1. Fractions, Decimal Numbers and Percentages
1.1 Converting Fractions, Decimal Numbers & Percents
1.2 Operations with Fractions and Decimal Numbers
1.3 Operations with Mixed Numbers
1.4 Percents, Fractions, and Decimals in Everyday Life
2. Positive and Negative Numbers
3. The Number Line and Absolute Value
4. Ratios and Proportions
5. Exponents, Roots and Scientific Notation
6. Algebra - Variables
7. Algebra - Real Numbers
8. Algebra - The Coordinate Plane
9. Algebra - Linear Equations and Formulas
10. Geometry - Angles and Polygons
11. Geometry - Circles and Solid Shapes
12. Measurements and Conversions
13. Graphs - Collecting and Displaying Data
14. Basic Statistics
15. Probability

Core Features:
1. Comprehensive course contents that meet and exceed national standards.
2. Easy to teach, concise and to-the-point lessons with examples that refer to real-life situations to make learning math fun, easy and more relevant.
3. Curriculum Book provides easy access to lessons in eBook format.
4. Workbook includes worksheets and exams allow students flexibility to practice problem solving in a more "traditional way" with pen & paper.
5. Reference sheets located in the beginning section of the curriculum book provide easy access to facts and formulas.

Binding: CD-ROM
Brand: A+ Interactive Math
EAN: 0784672454551
Format: CD-ROM
Label: A+ Interactive Math
Manufacturer: A+ Interactive Math
MPN: 784672454551
Platform: Windows
Publisher: A+ Interactive Math
Studio: A+ Interactive Math

  • Complete curriculum Bundle - For homeschoolers as well as for classroom teachers. Are you looking for a relatively inexpensive but comprehensive math curriculum that you can use to teach your students or to supplement your classroom curriculum? Look NO FURTHER! This A+ Interactive Math curriculum package includes - colorful and engaging lessons, worksheets, tests, and answer keys.
  • Homeschool users may use this as the math curriculum for your students. School teachers may use lessons, worksheets and test to supplement or to integrate with their classroom math curriculum. SAVE Your Valuable Time! I have done the work for you!
  • A+ Interactive Math Curriculum makes your job EASY and learning math FUN for your students. There are two eBooks (PDF) in this package. 1. Curriculum Lessons eBook (PDF) and 2. Workbook (PDF). The Curriculum Lessons eBook includes all lessons organized in several different chapters. And the Workbook includes worksheet for each lesson, chapter tests and answer keys.
  • Use lessons from each chapter to teach math concepts. Use worksheets to provide extra practice with problem solving to master the new math concept. Once all lessons and worksheets are completed for a particular chapter, use the chapter test to review math concepts from the given chapter.
  • The lessons explain math concepts with easy to follow colorful engaging visuals and text. Lessons frequently refer to examples from daily life (when appropriate and possible) to relate math concepts. The visuals with frequent reference to daily life enhance long term retention and build strong foundation in math.
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